5 Ways to Stay In Touch With Gail That Aren’t Facebook or Twitter

You probably already know that this particular Gail is all over the place on social media.

I’ve noticed recently, Gentle Reader, that some are justifiably changing your online socialization (for your own survival and mental wellbeing). I just wanted to let you know, if you are contemplating a jump away from (cough cough) Twitter or Facebook that there are other ways to stay on touch with me.

Here they are!

1. The Chirrup

By far the least intrusive and most convenient way to get the gossip is via my newsletter, the Chirrup.

It’s once a month (very rarely twice) and guaranteed to make you smile. I write it so you can skip to the parts that interest you and it’s the only way to get sneak peaks into my future writing plans (that haven’t been officially announced).

2. New Releases Only

If all you want is new release information than you can follow me on Amazon or BookBub.

They send you an email when I have a new book.

That’s it. No frills.

BookBub will also let you know if I read and recommend a book, and if anything goes on super sale.

You don’t have to buy from them. You can just use them as a service to send you author notifications. I flipping love it and follow most of my favorite authors on one or both.

3. Just Things I Love, Pretties & Books

  • Over on Instagram I post pretty pictures of books, my fashion, my cat, and the occasional quote.
  • Follow me on Tumblr form random shares of funny things plus historical dresses and lots of queer love.
  • On Pinterest you can stalk my research via character, book, and cover art boards, as well as event photos, fan art, and cosplay.


4. Video, Audio, and Beyond

  • Are you here for the fashion? Well I’ve a fashion blog Retro Rack. I rarely talk about my books, unless it’s to show what people are wearing in them…
  • I post Q&A videos to my YouTube channel, including stuff from events and behind the scenes tours.
  • I have a Podcast called 20 Minute Delay. It’s about my other passion, travel hacking, not my books at all. But it’s super fun.


5. For Super Fans & Book Lovers

You’re Probably Here to Escape These Ones, But Just In Case…

You’re likely trying to avoid Facebook & Twitter, but just in case you wanted to know how they differ for me in what I post, here’s how I use the big guns.

  • On Twitter I tend to chat about my author life & talk business of writing. Elsewhere I rarely discuss craft, so if you’re interested in the business of writing from me, Twitter is pretty much it. Sorry.
  • On Facebook you can find all the things. It is my biggest reach apart from the Chirrup, so while many are leaving it, I kinda have to stay there.
  • If nothing else gives you a reason to use Facebook it’s the Parasol Protectorate Group. Frankly this is my favorite place on the internet. This is were you can chat with fellow fans in a fun & supportive environment. I moderate (as do others) and we keep it strictly in the arena of fun, silly, joyful, and loving. It’s full of tea, octopus, historical dresses, reader appreciation, love of books and recommendations. This is also where I run polls, and drop the occasional personal video.

OK, that’s it. Now you know it ALL!

Am I missing something?

You thoughts? Are you jumping to some other platform? Where do you prefer to hang out online?

Take care of yourself out there, the Internet is a strange place.

Yours in online silliness,

Miss Gail


The Omega Objection San Andreas Shifters

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Direct from Gail

Can a gentle giant with a trampled heart
show a man who’s been running all his life that
sometimes there are monsters worth running towards?


  • The 5th Gender (a Tinkered Stars sci-fi under the G. L. Carriger pen name). No links as yet, wait for it…
  • Reticence, The 4th and final Custard Protocol book. Summer 2019
  • Secret Project Ommm, coming October 2019 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Soulless.
  • Need to know more about what Gail is writing right now? That’s in the Chirrup.


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4 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Hurrah! I left Facebook ages ago, but I stayed subscribed to the Chirrup – it’s great fun!
    By the way, I adored “The Omega Objection” (I will write a review soon)!
    And I thought (due to my mind drawing certain parallels between Max and certain snarky mage(s) of the Dresden Files…it just does; cross-referencing at random times between random characters of totally different universes stops me getting bored) that perhaps a good term for “normal” people (haha, what’s that?!) would be to call them (ala Jim Butcher) “vanilla mortals”, which I think is a hilarious term for the everyday sort of folk in the world, compared to the more exciting ones.

  2. Jennifer Dodge Wood said:

    Instagram! How did I not think of that? (I’m addition to Chirrup, of course.) OT mind blowing moment of the day: starting my (possibly third) re-read of Finishing School series. Petunia says their mother is meeting with a vampire drone. PETUNIA IS A PSYCHIC!!!! Tiny happy dance.

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