A Completely Biased List of Funny Books that Make Me LAUGH! (Gail Carriger Recommends Humor & Comedy)

I am often on panels at events having to do with writing comedy and humor (I even teach a class on the subject). Because it comes up a lot and I always want to laugh, I have decided to provide a list here of some of my favorites. In the cases where the author in question writes lots of funny stuff I have chosen my particular favorite or the first in a series, whichever seems best. 

This list is part of the FAQ series of things I get asked about a lot so it will remain as a resource and be updated regularly.

“The man behind the bar told us the things were called Green Swizzles; and, if ever I marry and have a son, Green Swizzle Wooster is the name that will go down on the register…”

~ Carry On, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

Gail’s Entirely Biased Funny Books List

YA & Middle Grade 

Non SF/F: 


I also have a humor bookshelf on Goodreads that I add to regularly.

“‘There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, “Do trousers matter?”’
‘The mood will pass, sir.’”

~  P. G. Wodehouse, Very Good, Jeeves

Yours (destined to be killed by a tumbling TBR pile),

Miss Gail

The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Written?

Either the bathing scene or the theater scene in Timeless.

Timeless Free PDF

Or the werewolves providing security for a very bad country music concert in The Enforcer Enigma.

TEE Enforcer Enigma SAS3 eBook

Or you can tell me which one you think is the funniest?


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Brooch or Bracelet, early 20th century, horsehair dyed and worked in Youghal, Dublin Museum

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Chatelaines, Dublin Museum

Quote of the Day:

“He was white and shaken, like a dry martini.”

~ P.G. Wodehouse

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4 Responses

  1. Isla Lee Matheson said:

    I don’t know if you count this as author as an essayist, BUT, I think Erma Bombecks books are quite humorous. I love “The grass is always greener over the Septic Tank”, although I will admit it is a bit dated.

    Cheaper by the Dozen by the Galbraiths is good too, but that really does fit into the Memoir category.

  2. Magdalena said:

    I enjoyed ‘Good Omens’. It was written by both Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It is about as light hearted and cheeky as the apocalypse gets. I haven’t read other Pratchett works so it will be interesting to get more familiar with his work.

  3. Kat said:

    Bartimaeus Cycle! Hilarious fantasy series about demons and magicians. Any fan of the above books will love this.

  4. Amy Gordon said:

    Me. Penumbra’s 24 hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. I have this love of books that are about books. This book is a modern fairy tale about a bookstore with a mysterious, secret society.

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