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Happy 2024 My Darlings! Here’s the State of Your Gail

In case you missed the Chirrup this month, Gentle Reader. It contained some fun and important things so I’m doing something I rarely do, which is rehash some of it here in the blog. Not all of it of course. The real gossip and exclusives are reserved for my subscribers. Sorry not sorry, I love […]

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40 Bookish Gifts! Miss Gail’s Pressie Suggestions 2023

I was doing a little shopping for my friends and family, and I realized I loved so many of the things I was ordering that maybe I should recommend them to you, Gentle Reader. So here are 40 items (mostly books & book related) curated specially by me for you or someone you love. For […]

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My Current TBR Pile & Some Book Suggestions

I did this interview with a couple of librarians recently all about what I’m reading and I thought it would be fun to share it with you, too. What’s on my TBR pile, April 2022! You can watch/listen to me talking about these books here: What book have you read recently and loved? The House […]

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10 Bookish Hills Upon Which I am Prepared to Die

Gentle Reader, I decided I wanted to blog about the 10 things that I deeply believe as a reader (as opposed to an author). I know, it’s amazing, but guess what? I get to be BOTH! 1. Novels are part of the entertainment industry. Thus the defining factor is: was I entertained? Did I like […]

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Fictional Travel: Favorite Books With a Strong Sense of Place

I’m a pretty chronic traveller, Gentle Reader. My parents put me on a plane by myself to the UK when I was 10. I pretty much never stopped moving after that. I’ve lived and worked overseas, as a student and as an archaeologist. Since I became a full time author I’ve travelled more, not less. […]

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If You Like My Books, Try These Black Authors

It’s weird, Gentle Reader, to try to figure out what people like about one’s own books. But after ten years I have some idea, so I hope you’ll humor my list attempts. I believe that people read my stuff for comfort, because I’m gentle to my characters, and light and fluffy and funny. People come […]

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30+ Black Authors Writing Queer Comfort

One of my reading wheelhouses, Gentle Reader, is queer comfort. These are books, mostly romances, featuring queer characters where trials might happen but things all turn out okay in the end. One of the reasons I like these books is because I see them as writing into existence the future we all want. I struggle […]

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30 Days of Queer Reads for #ReadingPride

I like to participate in lots of book sharing memes on Instagram, Gentle Reader. Since June is Pride Month, I decided to make my own to celebrate #ReadingPride. Please feel free to gank this image and share as widely as you like, also to photograph or just Tweet/Post each day any queer reads you feel […]

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Lady Knight Books

Dear Gentle Reader, Can I talk to you about books featuring lady knights? Reading Glasses Podcast has this thing the call “Your Reading Wheelhouse.” One of mine is lady knights. I absolutely LOVE a book about a lady knight. A little while ago I did this tweet… My Favorite Lady Knight Books Taming the Forest […]

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