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Meat Cute AKA the Hedgehog Incident is now available in all formats! If you’re not seeing the platform you want, it should be getting there soon.

Meat Cute The Hedgehog Incident Gail Carriger Free Download

Released in print: October 2019 as part of Fan Service

Release in audio: December 2019 directly.

Released in digital: Feb 16, 2020

This is the story of how Alexia and Conall met for the first time. AKA the Hedgehog Incident.


Here are some special extras related to this story!

Special Extras

About this story:

In Meat Cute, Alexia Tarabotti attends what appears to be a very dull London party, until the new werewolf Alpha turns up, is unconscionably rude to her, and sits on a hedgehog.

This charming novelette features the very first encounter between the Parasolverse’s most popular power couple, preternatural Alexia and supernatural Lord Conall Maccon.

Look out for cheeky appearances from other much beloved characters, not to mention the strategic application of a certain wicker chicken.

Poison Protect Parasol Teacup

A Note On Chronology

Set in the spring of 1872 this story occurs just prior to events chronicled in The Parasol Protectorate series (featuring Alexia and Conall) and after those in Defy or Defend (Dimity’s book) and Poison or Protect (Preshea’s book).

Alexia also appears briefly in Romancing the Inventor, and Conall and England’s most scandalous wolf pack is referenced in The Finishing School series.

Other things to know?

This is a quick read at 9000 words (about 15 printed pages). It is best read if you are already familiar with the Parasolverse, as it was written specifically with my fans in mind (and at your request).

Meat Cute Gail Carriger Blue Purple Flower Teacup White copy

Out to tea to celebrate the launch! Dressed to match the cover, of course. 

FAQ’s About Meat Cute

Will this one be available individually in print?

No, it’s too short.

It may be in another collection some day and I will let you know when that happens.

Is that our original Alexia model on the cover?


Donna (my cover model) and I remain friends to this day. She happened to have some more photos from that old series of shoots she did (which ended up on the original Parasol Protectorate series).

I bought one and ta-da, we have a cover with the same model on it!

Isn’t that awesome?

Of course then I went to Starla who did a wonderful job fiddling with everything to give us this new cover. Hooray!

Sneaky peaky?

This is the only story, so far, where you get to see Sophronia and Soap all grown up and being tricky.

ace artemis fan artist soap sophronia walking finishing school

ace-artemis-fanartist- Soap and Sophronia (from the Finishing School series) out for a nighttime stroll

All Hedgehogs All Day

I learned that there are Hedgehog Olympics and my life is complete.

Yours, always trying to make you happy,

Miss Gail

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Meat Cute: The Hedgehog Incident featuring Alexia & Conall’s first encounter!

Meat Cute Audiobook Cover Art Hedgehog Incident


In this short story Alexia Tarabotti attends what seems to be a dull London party, until the new werewolf Alpha turns up, is unconscionably rude to her, and sits on a hedgehog.

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