50+ Best Bits of Sci-Fi, Science & Cultural Research for Tinkered Starsong

Dearest Gentle Reader, here’s all blog posts and research I did for the Tinkered Starsong books. There was a lot of background work for this series, so I hope you enjoy all the behind the scenes insight.

50+ Best Bits of Sci-Fi Research for Tinkered Starsong

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Behind the Science & Magic – Researching the Future

A long time ago now, Gentle Reader, when I was typing away at the second chapter of what would become Divinity 36 I was asked about my current work in progress.

This is what I said about it at the time:

So with these things in mind, here’s a chronicle of some of the research I did for this series… (SPOILER ALERT, all research by its nature contains spoilers, so it’s better to read this AFTER you read the trilogy. Unless you like spoilers, of course.)

Aliens with skin that color-morphs to music 

While I couldn’t directly investigate this (because, you know the aliens are my own invention and don’t actually exist) I did look into stuff in conjunction with processing of one sense perception as another.

Divinity 36

Demigod 12

  • Male to female reproduction ratios in humans, in the past, high status individuals, and in bird breeding (chicken, duck, goose). (believe me it jives with the subject)
  • Gender throughout lifespans (I encountered this AFTER I finished writing the whole series but it’s oddly prescient to one of the core concepts of book 2)

Dome 6

Entertainment industry taking over the galaxy 

Again, obviously, different from life right now, but I do feel like Kpop is kind of taking over the music industry while K-dramas carve out market share from Hollywood live action (much as anime did from Disney decades ago). So I got absorbed into various new fandoms, training systems, beauty standards, reality survival shows, and more.

Divinty 36

Demigod 12 Gail Carriger Facebook Live Tinkered Starsong Trilogy D36 D12 D6 square

Dome 6

Refugee recruited to the cause 

Through accident of a Crudrat connection (previous book set in this part of the Tinkered Stars galaxy) the main character of Divinity 36 is a refugee.

Divinity 36

  • For galactic bureaucracy reasons I needed to know how refugees were classified and treated here on Earth, so I found this article on Different Types of Refugees: Why They Flee.
  • Since stateless doesn’t work on a galactic level I had to invent a new term. You’ll have to read Divinity 36 to learn what I came up with.
  • Yes Phex’s running and associated tricks/abilities are an adapted version of parkour. I used parkour videos and information sites when writing Crudrat (a decade ago), and since Phex also started out as a crudrat I gave him a similar skill set to Maura.

Demigod 12

Dome 6

1890s Aesthetic Movement 

Divinity 36

Demigod 12

  • Human genetic code (as opposed to hominin and alien) – my aliens are genetically different enough from humans because of somaform (planetfall human genome terraformed to adapt to alternate worlds and environments) that they are no longer procreativity compatible with homo sapiens and considered a different species.

Dome 6

D36 Divinity 36 Gail Grace Square - Trust me you only want me in grace position

Connections between beauty, love, fanaticism, & obsession 

Divinity 36

Demigod 12 TS Tinkered Starsong trilogy series all D12 D36 D6 office bed forwards angle

Dome 6

Funniest typo of the series? (Dome 6)

“much as he too was a refugee and an excel like Phex, that he still had tethers to his home”

“much as he too was a refugee and an exile like Phex, that he still had tethers to his home”

Comment from Beta: I’m amused to think of Phex as an excel spreadsheet now!

Me too. Me too.

Silliest bit of behind the scenes? (Dome 6)

That bit about “galactic booty call” has a real life source.

One of my favorite desserts of all time is a Greek dessert called galaktoboureko. My ex’s Greek mom used to make it for me for parties and our friends took to calling it “galactic booty call.” That was over 20 years ago, but I knew it would make it into a book someday.

TS D6 Gail Standing Stripe Purple leaning books (full series) all books

Behind the Scenes – Journey to Publication & Release

YouTube & Spotify Playlists

I have quite a few playlists relating to the Tinkered Starsong series

More Special Extras for Tinkered Starsong!

Divini-tea 36! (snerk) My favorite milk oolong tea (Taiwan) colored with butterfly pea flowers (Thailand) so it matches my book cover (the far future).

I invented a tea to go with Divinity 36! Divini-tea – heh heh 

Seep for 3 minutes. The butterfly pea turns it bright blue (and, to my pallet, doesn’t seem to affect flavor that much). This will match the cover of Divinity 36 perfectly and feels very scifi. 

Adding milk will not change the color, but adding lemon will turn it purple, and it will match the cover of Demigod 12.

(I used this teapot.) 

People got rather excited about this tea so I contacted Tea Punk Teas to do a limited run special-tea that may or may not be still available here.

I talk all about the tea process, invention, working with them, and things you can do with this tea here: Miss Gail Invents a Tea! Deep Blue Abyss AKA Space Oolong

In which Miss Gail Invents a Tea! Deep Blue Abyss AKA Space Oolong


Yours (destined to be killed researching something questionable),

Miss Gail 

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Fun Quotes From These Books

D36 quote Gods never belonged to themselves they belonged to their believers

D36 Was madness part of godhood Or was it part of friendship quote

Demigod 12 quote ask not what you can do for the divinity

D12 Affection quote

D6 Aliens quote

D6 Beauty entertainment quote

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