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Book 4 in  Series

Reticence is the final book in the Custard Protocol series. It takes place after events in Competence and contemporaneous with those in How to Marry a Werewolf. 

Percy takes point to tell this story alongside a new character with a very familiar name.

Watch Gail tie up all her loose threads, look for appearances from beloved Parasolverse characters (and some less beloved) and learn everyone’s secrets the hard way.

Percy, of course, could care less.

Or could he?

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Author Note:

This one is absolutely and utterly for YOU, Gentle Reader. Hopefully, you’ll be as caught up as possible by the time this one drops, most likely Summer/Fall of 2019. I’m giving you fair warning.

This book will be mad cap and fun and absolutely hilarious no matter what.

But you will get all the inside jokes and cookies only if you’ve read the full back catalogue of the Parasolverse.

Gear up, you’re in for a puffy float!

You have been warned.