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Winter Drinks + Books Pairings, Getting Cozy to Read

Dearest Gentle Reader, It’s finally winter round these parts, we even got some rain at last. It’s cold enough to want to curl up with a hot beverage and a book, so I thought I would have some fun and pair mine up. (Let me know if you agree with my choices?) Gail Carriger Book […]

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ABC Book Recs from Gail Carriger

This meme went around Tumblr a little while ago, Gentle Reader, and I decided to play along. So here is a book recommendation for every letter of the alphabet (well, almost every). I’ve ignored the “The” and “A” in book titles otherwise, well, you know… Gail Carriger ABC Book Suggestions Acrobat by  Mary Calmes Gay contemporary […]

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9 Favorite Queer Fantasy Books

For you today, Gentle Reader, I have some super fun queer fantasy book recommendations. A favorite genre of mine! You can LISTEN to this blog post if you’d prefer…   I like my books cheerful, charming, and happy with a strong romance thread. So that’s what I’ve chosen for you today (mostly). However, there is […]

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I Don’t Like Sherlock Holmes & Other Reading Reveals

Witness the follow convo in my apartment recently, Gentle Reader… Gail: Saturday is a Readathon AB: Oh Yeah, wassat mean? Gail: I’m gonna be reading all day. AB: Oh Yeah, Pinky, and how is that different from any other Saturday? Gail: Well Brain, I won’t be doing ANYTHING else. AB: How is this your life? […]

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