The Curious Case Extras & Alessandro Tarabotti

The Curious Case short story released in… March of 2012, online I don’t have many blog posts on this one. It’s just a short story featuring Alexia’s crafty father, Alessandro Tarabotti, in his assassin for the Templars days. It also showcases mummies, werewolves, and well-preserved felines and is the first hint I gave my readers that there […]

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Sucker for Sidekicks, Biffy & Lyall & So Many More

Recently Romancing the Werewolf hit the world. So I thought It’s tell you a bit about why I felt compelled to write this story. Or, at least, one reason why. Let’s talk . . . characters. I have this little problem, Gentle Reader, I fall in love with my second string characters. It’s not that I don’t […]

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Where’s the print edition? The Mess Behind Self-Publishing

The moment I list a new book, Gentle Reader I get hundreds of people asking… I really appreciate your enthusiasm! First off currently most vendors do not allow independent authors to list print books for preorder. At all. So you will only be able to get it after it releases. Here’s a TOC because this is […]

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Curious Case Gets New Cover Art

My first Parasolverse short story, The Curious Case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t (to Say Nothing of the Werewolf That Was and the Cat in the Jar) has new formatting and new cover art. Here it is! This cover was done by the remarkable Starla Huchton, using a photo of Vincent  © Evan Butterfield. Go look […]

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The Story Behind Alessandro Tarabotti’s Cover Art

Here’s how an illustrated cover can come into existence… For my new short story featuring Alessandro Tarabotti, Gentle Reader, I decided one of the things I really wanted to do was commission a professional artist. This was the end result… The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn’t, the Mummy That Was, and the Cat […]

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Want a peak into Soulless Manga character design? Floote

Today we have the initial sketches for Floote, butler extraordinaire who Knows Things. Alexia was embarrassed to find that she was reduced to shamefully sneaking out of her own home. It simply would not do to tell her mama she was paying a late night call on a vampire hive. Floote, though disapproving, proved an […]

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