DELIGHTFULLY DEADLY Omnibus from Subterranean Press!

SOLD OUT Agatha’s book, Ambush or Adore will release IN PRINT as part of a special hardcover Delightfully Deadly omnibus coming Feb 2022. (No fixed date as print operations are currently in flux.) This beautiful hardback matches the previous Soulless and the Fan Service special editions from Subterranean Press! It will include: Poison or Protect […]

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Why Write Sexy? High Heat in Genre Fiction

I’ve written books that fall all across the spectrum. No, not that spectrum. I’m talking about sex scenes here. The 5th Gender, is sexy, Gentle Reader. It has a high heat level. Not all of my books do. They range with regards to how explicit they are. The Finishing School is at one end with […]

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Poison or Protect Special Extras

Poison or Protect the first (and currently only) Delightfully Deadly novellas (yes there will be MORE) was also my very first self published novella adventure. It released in June of 2016. Here are some fun blog posts and resources that tie to this book. These include behind the scenes research and chattering on the subject of […]

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Beta Heroes & Lyall Deleted Scene!

Today, Gentle Reader, I have a few secret tid bits and extras from the upcoming Romancing the Werewolf. Articles on Beta Male Heroes Beta Hero from Kirkus Dear Author on the Beta Appeal I Heart Betas from Heroes & Heartbreakers Professor Lyall’s Source in London (Deleted scene from the Custard Protocol series) That wasn’t all that […]

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What’s Next For Gail Carriger

As 2016 comes to its close (how did it go so fast?) I’m already focused on what’s coming up in 2017, Gentle Reader. Chirrup readers will receive further details on my schemes and plans soon, but here I’ll simply say 2017 will bring you: A much anticipated Parasolverse novella A bran spanking new non-Parasolverse novel that’s something […]

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Poison or Protect in Print at Last! (Delightfully Deadly)

Here she is!   I know it seems like forever, but my goodness what a pain. It doesn’t help that yours truly is a horrible perfectionist, Gentle Reader. What? You doubted that? So, how can I buy it? Right now? Amazon.com (USA) & Amazon.ca (Canada) via Createspace Supposedly (eventually) Amazon Europe (Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, […]

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Poison or Protect Research & More

Poison or Protect: A Delightfully Deadly Novella, follows the exploits of one lady assassin with a penchant for poison, one gentle soldier with a white knight complex, a house party, a ghost, and … the Reform Act of 1867 (sometimes called the Second Reform Act). Caught you out with that last one, didn’t I? Anyway, […]

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Poison or Protect: How’s Hybrid Life Going So Far?

So my new self published novella, Poison or Protect, has been on sale for a whole 3 days, or so and here’s a run down of how it went. And how I am feeling paddling through the new world of being a hybrid author… I’m feeling pretty darn elated. Nothing went horribly horribly wrong… yes! […]

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Poison or Protect On Sale Tomorrow : Squee! (Delightfully Deadly)

Poison or Protect is on sale tomorrow! Cue Gail crazy running around flapping arms in a hyperventilating kind of way. Oh wait, that’s not dignified. I’m sitting drinking tea. Calmly. Oh so calmly. I’m hoping it drops out everywhere it is supposed to. This is the cross my fingers that I have done everything I […]

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What’s Inside the New Gail Carriger Novellas?

I ran a bit of an AMA on the novellas a little while ago, here are answers to your questions, Gentle Reader! And if they spark more questions, please, ask away. Are these novellas more on the young adult or the adult side of the spectrum? Adult. Specifically romance. I love reading romance and I […]

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