Researching Gender Fluidity & Representing it in Fiction

I’ll be honest, Gentle Reader, I wrote The 5th Gender, basically, in the space of one week without internet. So while I was writing it. I just let it come… So to speak. But after that I did a ton of research, as indeed I did for Custard Protocol, San Andreas Shifters & other Tinkered […]

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Fun Silliness While Gail Is Typing (Ketchup Blog)

My darling Gentle Reader, I am at a super secret remote location right this moment, typing away on the next novel. I’m doing my very best to beat everyone else’s word count, because I’m that kinda girl. Since there are 19 other writers with me, I have my work cut out for me! I’ll be […]

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Sumage Solution Audiobook Available Now! Video of my Q&A

Producer Bryan and I worked like demons (OK, OK, he and Kirt did all of the work) to get The Sumage Solution recorded and out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it just took a little too long for Amazon to process the files so it wasn’t timed to print/digital release perfectly. But it’s available now! […]

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Sneak Peek! First Scene of Gail Carriger’s Book, The Sumage Solution (Behind the Magic)

The Sumage Solution special look at the first scene, Gentle Reader. Warning: Strong language! Chapter One: On Patient Werewolves & Exploding Kitsune “Barker!” The shout cut through Maximillian Barker’s eardrum, making him jump. He hit his rickety desk with the tops of his thighs. Of course it wobbled, scattering paperwork everywhere. “What?” he asked the ear-bud. […]

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A Gail By Any Other Name Should “L” As Sweet

In which I put my new pen name up to the vote. After some dithering and hemming and hawing, Gentle Reader I chose the new pen name G.L. Carriger for my upcoming urban fantasy, The Sumage Solution. G. L. Carriger I talk about why I felt I needed a changed name in this blog post: Why G. […]

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