The San Andreas Shifters Pack House In Detail!

My darlings, here is a special behind the scenes look at the pack house in the San Andreas series that features prominently in all the books in the series, but which I really had to puzzle through and lay out for The Enforcer Enigma.

Pack House Grounds San Andreas Shifters header

San Andreas Pack Pack House Sketches

By request over email (which I promptly lost so I hope they see this) here is a very bad, not to scale, sketch of the general lay out of the pack house and grounds in Sausalito. Yes, it’s based on an actual house.

San Andreas Shifters Pack House Grounds Layout free

I also did a layout of the interior of the house, now this is basically just how it was at one moment in time. Remember there are new relationships forming so different people in the rooms, and the whole thing is being remodeled throughout most of the books so…

Also not to scale and just a rough layout so I can keep track of things in my head. But you did ask. Or at least… one person asked.

San Andreas Pack House Schematic

Now here are some images to give you an idea on the feel. This isn’t exactly right for layout, but it has the windows and the light and everything that I wanted to convey.

Also, this isn’t Marvin’s decoration style, so you’ll have to use your imagination there. But hopefully this will help…

San Andreas Pack House Inspiration

This is what you’d see, as you walked in the front door and looked to the left.

Remember the den part is sunken around  fireplace in the left hand corner of the big windows, so this furniture lay out is all wrong, but you can see the deck, windows, and view that I talk about a lot in the books.

To the right and ahead of you would be the kitchen, and Lovejoy’s domain.

Kitchen Pack House

And since the house is built up against a cliff/very steep hill, the main level you walk in on also looks out with a free standing porch. See I grew up with this kind of architecture so it’s really easy for me to imagine houses built, step like, up hillsides. So here’s the big wrap around deck that takes advantage of that.

Deck San Andreas Pack House

Putting the the deck and remodeling the main room with huge windows is one of the first thing the pack does when they start to rebuild the house. Partly because werewolves in this time period do not have to protect themselves from sunlight, at least not as much as the Parasolverse, and partly because it changes the dark gloomy look of the place. Adding the deck also makes a big difference, and I always see shifters as incorporating the outside in as much as possible.

To make it comfortable for Max to visit and spend time in, they redesign the barn like monolithic mansion, as it’s called in The Sumage Solution, to be more farmhouse friendly ~ warm yet modern. But also they need to accommodate quite a number of pack members, as well as assorted new additions over the years, so they remodel with flexibility in mind.

Still I imagine they kept the rustic ceiling slants upstairs in the bedrooms, like so:

San Andreas Pack House Bedroom Upstairs

I hope this helps you picture the space, if you wanted that.

Looking back at the San Andreas Pcak house from close to the downtown area of Sausalito:

San Andreas Pack House Placement

Now I am not saying that is the house or even what it actually looks like, more that’s the kind of placement on the hillside that I am thinking of and (trying to) describe in the books.

I sometimes think if you don’t grow up with the kind of hills I did as a San Francisco local (not to mention the houses perched all over them), it’s hard to really visualize.

Yours (ever fascinated by architecture an interior design),

Miss Gail

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  1. Terra said:

    imagined the upstairs more in the off to either side sort of manner hah but I feel like I imagined the windows just right.

  2. The WOL said:

    Now that the new San Andreas Shifters book has dropped, I think it’s time for a reread of the whole shebang, with the new one as the cherry on the top! Tomorrow I will find soft music, something lovely and cool to drink, curl up in my reading nook and have a self-care Sunday! <3<3<3!

    For: More San Andreas Shifters. Anything else you care to write.
    Against: Not having any more of your writing goodness to read!

  3. Becky said:

    It is now August 1st and I have devoured Enforcer Enigma. Read time start 12:30 pm, read time end 4:30pm. Straight through- I fortified myself with tea beforehand so I would not have to stop. 🙂 It is my favorite of the San Andreas Shifter books. So much sass and funny and love. It made my heart truly happy. Left you a little 5 star review on B&N as one does. Thank you, I truly, truly love this book. I am off now to read it AGAIN. Just like I did with Dimity’s book. And looking forward to the next one! Also chuffed that I figured out what kind of shifter our new friend is before you told us. 🙂 Thanks bunches!!!

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