All Gail Carriger’s Queer Books: Fun LGBTQ+ Cozy Stories

You may or may not have already noticed that there are lots of queer characters in my books. I know, right? What could be better than rainbow hugs?

Below is an ongoing list of books, novellas, and short stories that I have written featuring queer* main characters. All of my books have queer rep, regardless of the central love story. (Although a few of my shorts don’t have anything sexually orientated in them at all.)

Carriger’s Queer Stories

For the purposes of this list, I also included stories where sexual preference is a plot factor, even if it isn’t the main driver of the narrative (see: Curious Case).

These books are in world chronological order.

The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn't Free PDF

The Curious Case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t

  • Length: Short
  • Flavor: Bisexual
  • Heat Rating: None. Alessandro’s bisexuality is a minor plot point in this story that becomes a major plot point, there is not on page romance

This is a short story featuring Alexia Tarabotti’s father meeting her mother for the first time. The fact that he is bi comes up as a very minor part of the plot. But it becomes very important later in the Parasol Protectorate series.

Romancing the Inventor Free PDF Gail Carriger

Romancing the Inventor: Supernatural Society

  • Length: Novella
  • Flavor: Lesbian, slightly gender fluid, self-discovery
  • Heat Rating: Sweet but sexy. Sex scenes depicted but not explicit.

This novella features mathematically inclined Imogene who becomes a maid to a vampire hive partly because she is on a journey of self discovery. She meets Genevieve, a brilliant cross dressing inventor, who the vampires are keeping trapped in their potting shed.

Romancing The Werewolf Free PDF

Romancing the Werewolf: Supernatural Society

  • Length: Novella
  • Flavor: Gay relationship (one character identifies as gay, the other bisexual), reunion romance
  • Heat Rating: Sweet but sexy. Sex scenes depicted but not explicit.

This novella features Biffy & Lyall, an existing side character pairing from the Parasol Protectorate series. They had to separate for political reasons at the end of Timeless and I used this story to get them back together again and to learn to forgive and reconnect. There’s also possible child sacrifices and swaddled squash.

Competence both covers UK USA Custard Protocol CP3 Gail Carriger

Competence: Custard Protocol Book 3

  • Length: Novel
  • Flavor: Lesbian, self-discovery
  • Heat Rating: Sweet but sexy. Sex scenes depicted but not explicit.

This is the third in my Custard Protocol series but the first to feature Primrose. Primrose is the BFF and a side characters in the first two books of this series who is constantly getting engaged and then breaking it off, because she’s gay. Tasherit, the ancient werelioness who has befriended them, has had her eye on Prim from the very beginning. In this book she is finally given an opening and begins a hot, and very catlike, courtship. Prim, however, is a very proper Victorian young lady who wants a family of her own and struggles to reconcile her sexual desires with society’s expectations and her own yearning to be a mother.

Dear Lord Akeldama gail carriger free ebook

Dear Lord Akeldama & Parasolverse Ephemera

  • Length: Novel (but it isn’t one)
  • Flavor: a very gay vampire gives very bad advice
  • Heat Rating: none, there’s no actual plot or anything

Being a collection of vampire advice columns, silly steampunk philosophical treatises, and deleted scenes from the Parasol Protectorate and more!

This is not a book. This is not a story. This is a compendium of extras and appendices for lovers of the Parasolverse. You see, upon occasion the vampire, Lord Akeldama, hijacks Miss Gail’s blog and turns it into an advice column to take reader’s questions.  

Only available direct from Gail. $2 off if you get it via Gail’s newsletter the Chirrup.


I use the G. L. Carriger moniker specifically to indicate a higher heat level. Although some are more explicit than others.

Marine Biology: San Andreas Shifters #0.5

  • Length: Short
  • Flavor: Gay, coming out
  • Heat Rating: Sweet. Only kisses.

This is a coming out story but more of Alec coming out as Alpha than as gay. Although his father is homophobic, Alec’s biggest struggle is that once he comes out and admits to being gay and an Alpha he will have to take responsibility of a pack, and he’s not sure he’s ready for that. Enter, Marvin, the hot merman who will convince him to do it all.

The Sumage Solution: San Andreas Shifters Free PDF

The Sumage Solution: San Andreas Shifters #1

  • Length: Novel
  • Flavor: Gay, switch, hurt-comfort
  • Heat Rating: Very explicit. Multiple sex scenes. Also lots of swearing.

Max is a sumage (basically the clean up crew for real mages) who works a crappy government job and can’t hold down a relationship because he’s too snarky and prickly for his own good. Until he meets Bryan/Biff, Beta werewolf for a new pack in town who isn’t out, but Max might be a great reason.

The Omega Objection Free PDF

The Omega Objection: San Andreas Shifters #2

  • Length: Novel
  • Flavor: Gay, D/s, hurt-comfort, found family
  • Heat Rating: Very explicit. Multiple sex scenes, all of them very kinky.

Isaac is on the run and terrified of werewolves, even though most shifters find him utterly irresistible. He meets Tank, one of the biggest and meanest looking werewolves, only to discover that Tank is a big old softie super-sub, who will do anything Isaac asks of him, and willingly. But is that enough to stop Isaac from running again?

TEE Enforcer Enigma SAS3 eBook

The Enforcer Enigma: San Andreas Shifters #3

  • Length: Novel
  • Flavor: Gay, switch, hurt-comfort, May-December
  • Heat Rating: Very explicit. Multiple sex scenes but these are tinged more sweet, gentler than the previous two books.

Judd has been lonely and looking for a pack and a mate for a long time. He finally found his pack, and along with it the perfect man. Unfortunately, Colin is very young, very shy, and very scared. So Judd is staying away and staying a gentleman. However, Colin is also very curious and a really good student. Judd suddenly finds himself giving Colin an education despite all his noble intentions.

Vixen Ecology free ebook mana lovejoy san andreas shifter GL carriger

Vixen Ecology: San Andreas Shifters #3.5

Featuring Mana & Lovejoy.

  • Length: Short
  • Flavor: Queer, hurt-comfort, kinky
  • Heat Rating: Mildly explicit. No actual sex scenes depicted but things are definitely quasi described.

This is a by-request interstitial short story featuring the fox-shifter Mana, who is an ancient supernatural trans woman and Lovejoy, her on-again off-again werewolf lover. It is told from Lovejoy’s perspective. Lovejoy adores Mana but is very careful to request little of her, because he thinks of her as something too magical to hold onto for long. You need to have read the other books in the series to understand this story. This story is only available to purchase to Chirrup members.

GL Carriger The 5th Gender Free Download

The 5th Gender: A Tinkered Stars Mystery

  • Length: Novel
  • Flavor: Gay-adjacent? Very complicated
  • Heat Rating: Explicit and alien, including alien parts and biology.

This novel is, in part, an exploration of gender and sexuality. Drey, the human in this pairing, identifies as gay. Tris, the alien character, comes from a race with 5 genders, and he is one of the 5th. In his culture, this means, in part, that he has unique sexual organs and societal obligations. He is in exile off-world because of something to do with those obligations. The story explores both the standards placed upon identity by society when those standards are sourced in biology, the language of non-binary sexual identity, plus the forms that resistance, understanding, and acceptance of such requirements can take. Also, it’s really sweet and sexy.

Divinity 36 free download Tinkered Starsong Gail Carriger

The Tinkered Starsong Series

  • Length: 3 Novels, starting with Divinity 36
  • Flavor: Gay-adjacent? It’s complicated in space.
  • Heat Rating: Sweet, just very dramatic kisses (unless you read the special extra high heat scene from Demigod 12)

This series is about Phex, a human barista, who is recruited by aliens to become an entertainment god. He is… nonplused about the whole situation. One of his hurdles (shall we say) is that the greatest and most famous of all the gods, Missit, has decided that Phex is his favorite.

That’s all as of 2023, more to come! 

* Quick note on terms: I like and embrace the word queer, partly because of its ambiguous nature, although I understand not everyone feels similarly. Also, I have a personal preference for the now rather old-fashioned term bisexual. But most of my bi characters would likely qualify as pansexual under modern parlance.

** Before you ask, yes it is canon in my universe that all preternaturals are bisexual. Most kitsune are pansexual and poly, and everyone is a little bit kinky. It’s my universe, I can do whatever I want with it. So there.

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