Gail Carriger, Why the Octopus?

I get asked quote often, Gentle Reader…

Why the Octopus?

Blameless Gail Carriger Octopus Pin Merch

First off, octopodes are the smartest, craftiest, prettiest invertebrates out there. What’s not to love about an octopus. Case in point, I give you the mimic octopus?

Second, they have been adopted as the personal mascot of my group of friends. So the remind me of wonderful people and good times.


Third there is a strange enduring connection between steampunk and other science fiction and cephalopods. Don’t know why, I blame Verne and Lovecraft.

Lastly, after all the other things you can do with an octopus, you can then eat them too. Yummy!

Here’s a more serious article:

6 Reasons Why the Octopus Is the Mascot of Steampunk

Want more behind the scenes info? Join the Chirrup!

An interview with RT Book Reviews has dropped. Here is a sample:

Whitney Sullivan: Your heroine, Alexia Tarabotti, has no soul (and her partner is a werewolf) – what does she find most inconvenient about these unusual circumstances?

Gail Carriger: She will turn supernatural creatures mortal when she touches them. This can be terribly embarrassing, not to say fatal, for said creatures. It also means that on several occasions certain baser elements of society are actively trying to kill her, without proper introduction – so rude. One side effect of her soulless state is that Alexia is very practical in her approach to coping with most problems (including said werewolf partner). She either bashes them over the head with her parasol, or talks at them, with equally disastrous results.

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  1. Okie said:

    I'd been wondering the same thing…about the octopi (is that right?). I haven't read beyond the first book yet but I really enjoyed it.

    Thanks for pointing out some of your inspiration for using them….I'm intrigued by its being the mascot of your group of friends. That's rather interesting.

    I also like that you point out the Verne and Lovecraft influence. It is interesting how often cephalopods make it into sci-fi.

    Thanks for a nice post. Glad I found your blog. 🙂

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