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Resources For Victorian Food & Tea From Gail Carriger (Special Extras)

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things, Gentle Reader, Victorian FOOD! Here’s all things… Victorian Food Planning a Traditional Victorian Dinner Party & A Victorian Meal in Modern Times Stocking Your Victorian Kitchen, 1888 How the Victorians Describe Italian Food Weird Victorian Recipe Moment – Sweet Macaroni Pudding In Which Tamora Pierce Has Victorian Breakfast […]

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7 Things Pinterest Just Doesn’t Understand

Here are 7 Things Pinterest simply fails to understand… All periods of historical clothing are NOT created equal. Just because I like Tom Hiddleston pictures does not mean I like Loki pictures. I don’t practice witchcraft. I’m never interested in dragons. Yes that’s a pretty dragon picture… still not interested. I don’t want tips on […]

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How to Throw a Book Launch Tea Party (Special Extras)

Dearest Gentle Reader, Romancing the Werewolf is right around the corner. And it lands on a Sunday. Do you know what that means? High Tea! Here’s a sample of how to throw a high tea in honor of this or any other Parasolverse book (or any other book at all, I suppose)… Invitation You are […]

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Steampunk Worlds Fair

I branched out from my normal color profiles at Steampunk World’s Fair this year. (As ever you can find out more about my outfits over on Retro Rack.) For now, Gentle Reader, sufficient to say I dressed for heat, or tried to with corsets involved, and it ended up being cold. Then I added layers. So the outfits were […]

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Gail Is At Steampunk Worlds Fair

I am off to the Steampunk World’s Fair in New Jersey this weekend! This will be my first steampunk event as a returning guest. I am very honored and quite looking forward to it. It’s so so nice to go off to an event with a good idea of what to expect. I am a […]

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Gail Steampunking Around Anchorage

There were some fun moments of steampunk and general Gail appeal around the town of Anchorage. I thought I’d share a few with you, Gentle Reader. I found myself at the Red Chair Cafe, for example… And I also tracked down the local tea house… Yes, I did contemplate just staying in that tea house […]

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Alaska Steamposium Report ~ Steampunk Outfits & More

So the Alaska Steamposium in Anchorage was a tiny but enthusiastic little con, well worth a visit if you are in the area. They treated me like royalty and I had a lovely time. One of the things that they did was challenge the con com to dress as a Gail Carriger cover. Beatrix took this […]

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12 Days Until Christmas, Finishing School Style, Plus Gift Ideas for the Gail Carriger Fan In Your Life (Miss Carriger Recommends)

12 days until Christmas, Gentle Reader, if that’s your thing. Here is a bit of fun from the Finishing School Tumblr. Something you can bake for others? Crustless White Chocolate Cheesecake. I made mine with added lemon rind. Dark Chocolate Orange Almond Cake. Both are naturally GF, which is to say the original recipe never called for […]

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Con Report ~ Fun at Gaslight Gathering in San Diego

I had a wonderful time at the Gaslight Gathering in San Diego recently, Gentle Reader. I highly recommend it if you can make the trip in future. It’s a well run, entertaining, educational convention. I met up with fans who had driven from Tucson and Las Vegas (waves at the Entwives). And it was a […]

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Curious Case New Cover Art

My first Parasolverse short story, The Curious Case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t (to Say Nothing of the Werewolf That Was and the Cat in the Jar) has new formatting and new cover art. Here it is! This cover was done by the remarkable Starla Huchton, using a photo of Vincent  © Evan Butterfield. Go look […]

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