Dear Lord Akeldama ~ Who’s Your Dandy?

The good vampire is back, Gentle Reader!

ashura_oh asks: I (rather pale, ashen blonde) just can’t decide about a basic colour to base my wardrobe on this season. Any recommendations?

A very interesting question, for spring there are a number of whites on the runway, but that would not suit one such as you. And for fall 2011 it’s all blacks and muted forest green and burgundies – again, not for you. Branching out, I’m afraid, is your only choice. I’d suggest some vintage looks (Victorian or 1960s or 1970s depending on your body type) in lovely sea blues and greens, with dove gray and camel making for great neutrals, also soft pale pinks and peach if you aren’t afraid of girly.

E(D)U asks: Ok, so “Who’s your dandy?” (You can just say your favorite dandy you ever met.)

Oscar Wilde of course, as if you need ask! Of course, the Pimpernel fellow was terribly clever and diverting.

Sniffly Kitty asks: What gadget in the modern age would you love to have?

The electric curling iron, without out a doubt!

Debbie asks:
What do you most like about being a vampire?
The ever-changing fashionable world, naturally. Or should I say supernaturally?

Dovile asks: What is your favorite perfume?

Well I must say I do find that Sunshine endeavor quite revolting, not to say insulting. I like fruity blends, apricot and peach, so summery.

Rhianna asks: Any special advice for a vampire dandy in training, Lord Akeldama?

Nothing is more important than good posture, clean shoes, and a perfect manicure. And of course, surrounding one’s self with pleasant attractive company can only improve one’s own personage and impression.

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