23 of the Silliest UK Place Names: Provided by Gail, Because She Can

23 Very Silly Place Names of a UK-ish Nature

Silliest UK Place Names

  1. Pratts Bottom
  2. Wetwang (East Yorkshire)
  3. The Land of Green Ginger (Hull)
  4. Drumahoe (Northern Ireland)
  5. Bonkle (Lanarkshire Scotland)
  6. Shop (Cornwall)
  7. Half Way (btw Barnsley and Sheffield)
  8. Nempnett Thrubwell (nr Bristol in South West England)
  9. Giggleswick (Yorkshire)
  10. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobw (Anglesey, Wales)
  11. Heckmondwike
  12. Tooting Bec (nr London, southeast side)
  13. Pity Me (Northumberand)
  14. Cleckheaton (West Yorkshire)
  15. Liversedge (West Yorkshire)
  16. Upper Peeover (Midlands)
  17. Lower Peeover (Midlands)
  18. Stony Stratford (nr Milton Keynes?)
  19. Little Wetum (nr Scarborough)
  20. Mavis Enderby (Lincolnshire)
  21. The Land of Nod (East Yorkshire)
  22. Lucky Slap (Angus, outside Dundee)
  23. Six Mile Bottom (nr Newmarket)


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