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My Biggest Gripes with Austen Movies

Generally speaking, Gentle Reader, when times are tough I watch Austen movies. I know, I know, but we all have our visual comfort food. I don’t like to be negative here on the blog, but I figure taking sublime umbrage in a Jane Austen movie adaptation ranks pretty low on the totem poll of putting […]

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The Great Emma-Off Austen Award Show!

So, once upon a time I got very sick and watched 4 different adaptations of Pride & Prejudice. With a new adaptation of Emma, I though I would do this again (without the sick part, I promise). Emma & Me For me, one of the most significant things about Emma is Austen’s portrayal of female […]

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Tidbits & Behind the Scenes Research for Reticence

So here’s some bits and bobs I researched for Reticence! I don’t think these are very spoiler-y but if you are super worried you might want to save this to read after you’ve finished the book. These are things, Gentle Reader, that may assist with comprehension but are not at all necessary. Party Inspiration For […]

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Resources For Writing About Victorian Food & Tea From Gail Carriger

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things, Gentle Reader, Victorian FOOD! Here’s all things… Victorian Food Planning a Traditional Victorian Dinner Party & A Victorian Meal in Modern Times Stocking Your Victorian Kitchen, 1888 How the Victorians Describe Italian Food Weird Victorian Recipe Moment – Sweet Macaroni Pudding In Which Tamora Pierce Has Victorian Breakfast […]

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Want A Sneak Peek at the Research Behind Gail Carriger’s Competence?

Hello Gentle Reader, Here, for you entertainment, amusement and titillation are a few links and peeks into some of the research that I had to do for Competence, Custard Protocol #3. I do hope you enjoy! Podcasts History Extra Podcast: Victorian Medicine Dressed Podcast: Jewelry of Sentiment (Hair Work Jewelry History Part 1, Crafting Part […]

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The Great Pride & Prejudice Award Show!

For those who do not follow me outside of this blog, I have been ill recently. Nothing serious, Gentle Reader, just this stubborn flu that as been going around. (Yes, I got the shot, yes I’m resting and drinking lots of fluids.) I don’t seem to have it as bad as some. Illness Means Austen […]

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The Etiquette of Proper Introductions in Victorian Times

There are all sorts of rules for introductions in Victorian society, Gentle Reader. Basically, the person whose name you say first is the more important person, to whom the other is being made known. The inferior is introduced to the superior. “Duke Hematol, may I introduce Dr. Caedes?” The duke outranks the doctor. However, this […]

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Character Names & The British Aristocracy

I was reading Vanity Fair recently, Gentle Reader, and they had one of their swanky photo bits on this British aristocratic wedding in Suffolk (Alexander Spencer-Churchill and Scarlett Strutt). Crazy British Names I just glanced over the names of the wedding guests and they gave me the giggles. One of the things I get asked about a […]

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Egypt from a Dirigible: Imprudence & Timeless

In Imprudence Rue and her crew visit Egypt just as Alexia and Conall did in Timeless. Rue goes in for the capital, Cairo, while Alexia spent most of her time in the port city of Alexandria. Ancient Alexandria Founded by Alexander of Macedon (the Great) c. 332-331 B.C. Located in the Nile delta Renowned for […]

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Imprudence Research & Reference Links

Hello Gentle Reader, with Imprudence releasing oh so soon.   Here’s a glimpse into some of the research I had to do for this next Custard Protocol book. Queen Victoria via  Elaine Powell @ManchesterSteam   Politics in the Sudan before and after Rue visits Mahdist Sudan Battle of Omdurman (right after Rue leaves this area) […]

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