Dear Lord Akeldama ~ Style Choices Throughout History

In which Lord Akeldama answers all your most pressing questions.

The Secretary of Defense of Awesome asks: I am in a fashion crisis most dire! A dear friend of mine is getting married next month, and lovingly chose a steampunk theme. Two weeks ago her seamstress backed out of making the dress (She hadn’t even begun after six months!) and I recently learned that the bride and I are working off the same pattern! I have had to make adjustments to it (because I am short and round, where the bride is tall and graceful). Our color palates are different (copper, gold, and lovely paisley for her, green and brown for myself) but I still question showing up to a wedding in similar attire to the bride. She insists there is no problem, but I am nervous. Would it be scandalous to dress similarly to the bride? (Also, the Bride would love to know your thoughts on errant seamstresses)

My dearest button! This is such a traumatic fashion emergency, I have moved you to the top of my queue. Working off the same pattern is indeed a crisis! Is there any way in which you might change the lines significantly, by, perhaps pinning a light scarf about the neckline, or at the waist? Adding a bustle? Or augmenting with some kind of steampunk cargo belt of this style? Or, you might take a leaf (or a feather as it were) from young Miss Hisselpenny’s book and wear a ridiculous hat. This will distract from an similarities to the bride’s attire.

As to my thoughts on the seamstress, hound her out of town immediately! Tar and feathers, or molasses and glitter! Such shocking behavior.

adelheid p asks: If you could rewrite one piece of history, what would it be?

Oh my dearest tiggle-pump, without question, the invention of crocks. So unfortunate. Closely followed by the 1980s. I can’t even talk about the 1980s, it upsets me so.

isalicefantasy asks: Dear Lord Akeldama, have you experimented much to design your perfect beverage, or was Pink Slurp a miraculous discovery that made dabbling never necessary?

I shudder to think upon it, but there was once, my darling lilac candy, a time before champagne. Those were dark times ~ dark, bubble-less times. However, as soon as I learned of the lovely fizzy stuff I knew I should acquire some and mix it with Darkest Red for a truly delectable drink.

ashura oh asks: If your very existence depended upon this one decision, which one would win the cup – lace or ruffles?

Lace ruffles, of course! Silly muffin, I know a trick question when I see it.

ladytesser asks: There are some decades/centuries in which the fashion is gorgeous and compliments the male or female form the most – and there are those decades of fashion in which we wonder why the designers bother with anything more than a potato sack. What is your opinion on the matter of ‘recycling’ fashion trends and how far should such a practice be allowed to go?

It is a sad sad day where there is no originality in style left to us, my darling speckled wren. I do feel sometimes that we may have reached that point. So often I have seen it all before. But then again, that may be the consequence of vampirehood. Then suddenly some new exciting fabric appears and all my maudlin humors are dissipated.

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Quote of the Day:

“Young ladies seldom drink more than three glasses of wine at dinner; but married ladies, professional ladies, and those accustomed to society and habits of affluence, will habitually take five or even six, whether in their own homes of at the tables of their friends.”

~ Etiquette for Gentlemen, 1850
That a lot of wine!

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