Deleted Scene From Prudence Featuring Lyall: Behind Gail Carriger’s Custard Protocol Series

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Here’s a scene that got cut from Prudence (the first Custard Protocol Book) featuring everyone’s favorite beta, Professor Lyall, revealing tidbits about the past the Rue never knew.

Lyall on Lady Maccon & Imprudence Foreshadows

Professor Lyall regarded Quesnel for a moment and then said, without sarcasm, “I see he has his mother’s charm.”
“Is Madame Lefoux charming?” wondered Rue, a little unguarded.
“I believe many find her so. Your mother, for example.”
There was something in his tone. Rue wondered if perhaps Professor Lyall had smoldering his own small torch for her mother and seen Madame Lefoux as a rival for Alexia’s affections. Perhaps that was why he had voluntarily exiled himself to Scotland. Despondent over her parents’ happy union he had retreated north to lick his wounded heart. It was a romantic notion.
She said, testing, “Yes, my mother did very well for a spinster.”
Professor Lyall smiled slightly. “A remarkable woman, your mother.”
“Were you in love with her?”
Professor Lyall only raised up his eyebrows, crossed one leg over the other, and continued sipping his undrinkable tea. “Dear me, no. I haven’t the courage.”
Rue sagged back into her chair. “Then who?”
Professor Lyall examined his fingernails. “Soon enough, I think, we’ll be called back to London and things will change for everyone.”
“What things? Why will they change?”
“You haven’t talked with your father on this subject, your blood father?”
Rue gave him another measured look. “Oh, dear, were you in love with him?”
“Oh really, Rue!” Prim fanned herself with one hand.
Quesnel unsuccessfully tried to hide a grin.
“My dear girl, no one but your mother has that kind of courage.”
“Oh, then what?”
Rue’s prying was interrupted by a loud and sudden snore from Percy, whose chin had fallen all the way down into his cravat. On the inhalation he acquired a mouthful of fine muslin and sputtered.
Despite her eager questions, Uncle Lyall only put down his tea cup and looked cagey.

{Gail’s monthly read along for July 2016 is Poison or Protect by Gail Carriger.}



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Fan Art Professor Lyall by ~ AtticArt

Fan Art Professor Lyall by ~ AtticArt

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  1. RP said:

    Lyall! Long time!
    I do so love Quesnel & his cheek.
    What a wonderful snippet – excited for Rue to learn more about her parents & their history (: Oh! And tea, of course!

  2. Marilyn Burk said:

    I loved “Poison or Protect”–I thought the sex scenes were tastefully done, and absolutely essential to understanding Preshea and her hatred of men.

    I eagerly await your novellas. Heck, I eagerly await anything you write.

    Wishing you much continued success!

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