Gail Carriger Parasolverse All Books In-World Chronological Order & Dates! (Occasional FAQ)

Hello my darling Gentle Reader!

By far one of my most frequently asked questions is:

In what order do the Parasolverse stories take place?

This is a really hard question answer because I am always adding new ones, and they often fit in around one another. So I can’t really do a perennial post here on the blog, which is, by it’s nature temporally, finite.

But Imma try!

Gail Carriger All Books Reading Order 2019

The following list is current as of 2022.

If you want the MOST updated list of Gail’s Parasolverse books then you MUST VISIT THE WIKIA. Sorry but, frankly, that is what the wikia is for. Ya know?

Parasolverse Books

Chronological Order

With Dates!

The Curious Case 1841 Spring
Etiquette & Espionage 1851 Fall- Winter
Curtsies & Conspiracies 1852 March
Waistcoats & Weaponry 1853 February
Manners & Mutiny 1853 December
Poison or Protect 1867 Spring
Defy or Defend 1869 Spring
Meat Cute 1872 Spring
Soulless 1873
Changeless 1873 Winter
Blameless 1874 Spring
Heartless 1874 July – August
Timeless 1876 April
Romancing the Inventor 1878 Summer
Prudence 1895 September
Imprudence 1895 October
Romancing the Werewolf 1895 December
Competence 1896 Spring
How to Marry a Werewolf 1896 April
Reticence 1896 Spring
Ambush or Adore 1848-1896
Dear Lord Akeldama He is Eternal!
San Andreas Shifters Post Supersaturation
Tinkered Stars MUCH Later

What About Reading Order?

Now reading order is a different matter and is hotly contested by my fans. As a completest I myself would read them in chronological order. However, most of the members of the Parasolverse Facebook Group contend they ought to be read in order written.

Which, as of now, is loosely…

  1. Parasol Protectorate
  2. Finishing School
  3. Delightfully Deadly
  4. Custard Protocol
  5. Supernatural Society
  6. Claw & Courtship
  7. San Andreas Shifters
  8. Tinkered Stars 


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5 Responses

  1. Roz said:

    I’m a fan of reading in chronological order for the time (mostly because I find the little bits of the Parasol characters in Finishing School charming before a whole picture) but I really want to read them that way now just for two Soap and Sophonia.

    That way you can question some things with and still get an answer later that really pays off.

  2. Richard Alan Dengrove said:

    I am wondering whether The Sumage Solution wouldn’t be in 2017 of the Parasolverse. Of course, it certainly isn’t Victorian.

  3. Kelvin R. Saggers said:

    I basically read them in the order they were released and have both kindle and audible version as these days cant read much due to eye issues so rely on audio versions. but agree the Parasol Protectorate should be read fist to enjoy, and fall in love with the whole series properly. . .

    Thank you for all the wonderful books and days spent in a wonderful universe I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve relistened to the series

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