Why write this story now? The Origins of How to Marry a Werewolf

So, darling Gentle Reader, you might be wondering:

Why did I write Channing’s novella now?

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Ever wonder about Channing’s backstory?

Well I always have. This novella will reveal all, plus introduce you to some lovable new characters. And you’ll get your Biffy & Lyall fix too.

I guess that was what I was craving, so that’s what I wrote.

Channing first appears in Changeless and despite his attitude problem (or possibly because of it) he has had his fair share of reader love over the years.

He redeems himself slightly by the end of the Parasol Protectorate, and even more so during his brief appearances in Romancing the Inventor.

Romancing the Werewolf drops a big hint as to the cause of some of his bitterness.

I have always felt his issues stem from the fact that he’s lonely. Although, he is trouble, never doubt.

So I asked myself this question:

Who can handle a sarcastic werewolf with trust issues and antisocial behavior?

That, my darlings, takes an American.

I do hope you enjoy seeing Channing get not only a women to love, but the woman he so richly deserves.

Yours forever,
Miss Gail

OUT MAY 13, 2018!

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How to Marry a Werewolf (In 10 Easy Steps) ~ A Claw & Courtship Novella by Gail Carriger is now awabile (print, audio & other editions will follow). Featuring a certain white wolf we all love to hate (except those of us weirdos who love to love him). Add this book on Goodreads.

Guilty of an indiscretion? Time to marry a werewolf.

Rejected by her family, Faith crosses the Atlantic, looking for a marriage of convenience and revenge. But things are done differently in London. Werewolves are civilized. At least they pretend to be.


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“The Bottom Line: I loved it. Quirky fun with a great cast of unique characters, I’m very happy to find my latest series binge. If you love historicals, I think you’ll enjoy this, even if you’ve never read steampunk in your life. I know I did and I want more.”

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6 Responses

  1. Andrew Stackhouse said:

    I’m so glad we get a chance to delve into Channing’s character. I’ve always found him hilarious (I after all don’t have to deal with him) and yet a very enigmatic character. He has to be who he is for a reason. I think it’s odd you paired him with an American, but have yet to dislike any of your characters (minus pesky villains). I have faith and can’t wait to laugh up a new novella.

  2. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Oooh! I had a thought…is Faith likely to be involved with the suffrage movement? I was just reading up on the American suffrage movement (it’s amazing how long it took – longer than here in the UK – to grant the vote as a constitutional right) and I wondered if it was likely that Faith might be involved – or even involved in the anti-suffrage movement?
    There’s a really good song on youtube about the USA suffrage movement – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn_S-9Ig6Vk&t=0s&list=LLc54QpCA91S6eqOz7iDH5oA&index=6 – which I found interesting. It’s really rather astounding how some states were sensible (and progressive?) in the 1890’s, and how it took until 1984 for Mississippi to ratify the 19th Amendment!

      1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

        Hmm…worth a thought…but it would be funny if American suffragettes married English werewolves…heeehee.

      2. Rhiannon Lynn said:

        Had a look – films not to my taste (I can’t bear violence, especially towards women, in films). We studied the Women’s Suffrage movement in school; it’s always been dear to my heart. I love strong women, especially as characters in stories…Maybe I know too much history (used to watch Horrible Histories a lot and I’ll research any historical subject until there’s no new info.)…I like to adjust it in my own writing (in the planning stage at the moment) to reduce the violence and simplify politics- with a fair dash of pagan mysticism woven in too…

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