Three Novella Lines, Gail Carriger Why Are You Confusing Us?

Dearest Gentle Reader, it was brought to my attention recently that having three different novella lines is rather confusing.

Here they are:

Delightfully Deadly

Bladed Fan icon for the Delightfully Deadly novellas

Supernatural Society

Loving Teacups icon for the Supernatural Society novellas

Claw & Courtship

Wolf Top Hat icon for the Claw & Courtship novellas

Shall I try to explain my reasons?

First I should say that I’m hoping that you, my devoted Parasolverse reader, will not care too much about categories and will merely read if the character and plot interest you.

Frankly, the reason I divided into three is for the sake of different covers and different marketing approaches so new readers would know what they are in for.

And because well, I like to organize things.

I assure you, as the novella lines fill out with more and more books, you will notice how the novellas in each line are similar to each other, and how those in different lines are categorically and visually different.

However, confusion amongst some of my fans means I decided to do something I rarely do… explain my reasoning.

(In defiance of this article ~ Don’t Over Explain: Readers Get It the First Time)

Peek into Gail’s warped brain?

Here’s the novella line breakdown:

Delightfully Deadly

This line features the grown up female spies from the Finishing School series. We follow them as they practice their deadly arts and fall in love despite themselves.

 Note the similarities between the two covers, if you would?

However, I chose a much sexier central images for Delightfully Deadly, so that readers would be aware that these are grown up stories, and that sex scenes are likely. (Tastefully done, of course, but sexy.) While the Delightfully Deadly novellas may spin-off of the Finishing School books, but they are NOT intended for a YA audience.

Currently there is only one book in this line, Poison or Protect, but I hope to write several more.

Next up I plan to give either Agatha or Dimity her happy ever after, I just have to get a few other things written first.

Supernatural Society

This line features fan favorite queer characters from throughout the Parasolverse. We follow them as they take center stage and fine love at last.

As you can see, these books draw on my original cover art, only there is an indoor setting instead of outside for the background. This is intended to indicated that these will be cozy romances, which is to say mostly take place in only one location, like a cozy mystery or a regency house party romance.

I chose two central figures for these covers because I really wanted to show a loving moment between same sex couples. Also I wanted a clear break from my other covers that is instantly obvious.

Unfortunately, this makes a good photo twice as hard hard to track down!

These books will be written as inspired as as needed, currently there are only two. Also these do no necessarily have to involve werewolves.


Claw & Courtship

This is my newest line of novellas which will always feature a werewolf and a human romance.

Right now I intend to focus on the London Pack in the 1890s.

As you can see on this cover I’m playing on a few of the tropes in my original books. The font is the same, although without the background paint-slash treatment. I’m reusing the wallpaper motif from Finishing School. See that the wall paper is a werewolf? Cute right?

I still have a central figure, but I chose a farther away image, and I have a London background as in Soulless, but instead I went with the circle portal. Frankly I really like circles. (More silliness around this cover here.)

Also, I wanted a bit of a break from my standard cover fair and went with something that harkens to more classic regency romances, since the pitch for these is:

What if Georgette Heyer wrote about werewolves?

While this books will initially feature the London Pack, I’m not ruling out the Kingair Pack, which would, of course, beg the question…

If I were to write a book featuring Sidheag, which novella line would it belong in?

I’ll leave the superfans to noodle over that one,


Forever teasing,

Miss Gail

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Rejected by her family, Faith crosses the Atlantic, looking for a marriage of convenience and revenge. But things are done differently in London. Werewolves are civilized. At least they pretend to be.



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Posted by Gail Carriger

9 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Hurrah! By the way, there are repeats of certain words – “hard” twice and “as’ twice in the same two lines — intentional? And maybe, in about 1910, Soap and Sidheag? Would be interesting (I’m assuming no more Sophronia, but hey, maybe she retires, and doesn’t mind sharing? I’m shutting up now.).
    I originally thought that the teacups were some sort of gadget or old-fashioned dress panniers!

  2. Ryan W said:

    Always love reading any little hints about what you might write next. I would definitely like to see more of Agatha or Dimity. As for Sidheag’s story? I think it’s novella collection placement would probably depend on what she is doing? Is it mostly involving her skills from school and pre-Changeless? I’d think Delightfully Deadly. If it is equally from a supernatural paramour’s p.o.v. or after Changeless, or doesn’t involve her school training, then Claws and Courtships would make sense.

    Either way, yes please! Sidheag is one of the school-girls I most wanted to see get a happy ending.

  3. Ofelia said:

    Well, Sidheag does deserve a book but something about Dimity or her darling little brother’s love story sounds even better in my ears. *happy sigh*.
    I’ve just ordered all the novellas from all the different lines and planning to read them during my summer break. *squeal*
    Sidheag’s books should be in the “claw and courtship” section if it centres around her and Nail but if it’s more about the school and what she learned there then it should definitely be in the “delightfully deadly” section of your novellas!

    1. Lily-Rose said:

      Never forget about Agatha and Pill… They r both very shy, so I would love to see how that works out. They should be in delightfully deadly… Maybe they could re-meet at a deadly inventions exhibition of some kind that Dama has sent Agatha to? With Felix interfering, of course.

  4. Terri W. said:

    I, myself would love to read more about Sophronia and Soap. And the adventures they get up to as field agents for the dewan, and their “sinful incognito, interfering with the world for the greater good”
    Any possibilities of a novella ?

    1. Gail Carriger said:

      You’ll see them in other character’s shorts and novellas but it’s unlikely they will ever get their own. There are contract, etiquette, and personal reasons for this. But mainly, I’ve messed around in their lives long enough, I think they’d appreciate me butting out now.

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