Soulless Illustrated Signed Hardcover Edition Announcement (The Parasol Protectorate)

For the Gentle Reader who hasn’t been paying much attention to my social media accounts or getting the Chirrup, I’m delighted to officially announce that Soulless is getting a hardcover illustrated edition!

Artwork by the amazing Jensine Eckwall.



Illustrated Cover

10 Interior Illustrations

All Books Will Be Signed

Here is a peak at two of the illustrations inside…

I specifically asked that they be drawn in such a way that they could also be good for coloring. I hereby give you permission to color them in the book, and/or make copies and color them in and hang them on your wall. I’d love to see some of them in color! So please post photos and tag me if you do?

The book is unchanged in terms of wordage & story.


This hardcover is different from the hardcover of Soulless done by Subterranean press as a limited edition.

Anything else different?

These are signed!

One of the big things I did for this illustrated hardcover edition is sign…

Every. Single. One.

Yes, that means the ENTIRE first print run.

That’s a LOT of books.

Signing stacks of tipped-in pages for this print run

It took me 3-4 hours a day for several weeks to sign all the tipped-ins. Tipped-ins are pages that will end up inserted into the book during the actual printing process, as opposed to me signing all the physical books after printing which would have required renting a warehouse.

If we sell out of this first run and do another one, those will NOT be signed.

So if you want a signed version you need to order them right away rather than wait.

Unlike the B&N debacles with Waistcoats & Weaponry and Prudence, it’s unlikely these will get lost since, you know, I signed ALL of them. This also means you can pick your platform:

Any store front you order from, whether it be your local books store or online, the first edition should be signed.

It took months of my life, a very sore arm, and a delay on my deadline to so this. So I am hoping you are excited by the prospect. I ran a poll in the fan group before I agreed to do it, just to make certain you might be. I always try to take into account your interest in such matters, after all I’m doing it for you.

Availability Outside the USA?

These books are being produced by Orbit USA for the USA market. However, they may be available from 3rd parties etc… overseas. I don’t know anything about how that works, who is supplying them, etc.

Borderlands Books ships overseas. You can order it personalized from them via the SIGNED button on my website.

I can promise that the ones from Borderlands will be first run versions. And if there is a second printing, these will still be signed.

I have no idea how Book Depository or any other third party vendor will be treating this edition. Emailing me will not change my utter ignorance on this matter. If you have questions, please contact Orbit about it.

If you want the editions dedicated or to ENSURE that it’s signed, you know what I’ll say? Order it from Borderlands using the SIGNED button on my website. 

Yours as ever,

Miss Gail

At the printer!

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  1. Meg said:

    oh, this comes out shortly after my birthday. I will have to start the hinting now. 🙂

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