How to Request A Book at Your Library! (digital or print)

Did you know you can get your local library or school or university library to get independently published books? Including mine? ANY of my books? Even the digital versions?

Here’s a step-by-step guide in how to do it.

Why request a book from your local library?

  • I love the library and I adore librarians, I know there are a handful of you lovelies out there reading this blog. *waves*
  • I pretty much grew up in my local tiny library and because it was so small I learned pretty quickly to request books. I also ended up working there, one of my first jobs was as a library page. Yes I still have bits of the Dewey system memorized.

Get Print at the Library

To get them to bring in a print book just trot on up to the counter and ask. Sometimes it’s a form, sometimes it’s a digital thingy, sometimes the librarian will just go tappity tap.

  • It helps if you have the ISBN of the book you want. You can always find the ISBN for my newest release here.
  • You can do that with print books AND these days audio and electronic books too through a handy dandy thing called Overdrive Libby (also Bibliotheca and a few other digital options).

I want anyone who needs the comforting hugs of my books to be able to get ahold of them so I try to get them out as widely as possible, however that doesn’t always mean they are everywhere in all versions, sorry.

Libraries help spread the book love!

Because one it is in the system others can check out that book too!

You see an actual request from a library card-carrying patron has an immense impact on library stock.

In fact, there is pretty much NOTHING I can do to get my books into libraries if you don’t ask for them, especially my independent stuff like the Parasolverse novellas, the San Andreas Shifter series, and the Tinkered Stars books.

Even if I donate books, if they haven’t been requested, the library usually simply sells them. (Personal experience.)

How to request your library carry a book

  • On your library’s website (or in person) there is usually a form where you can request a book be purchased.
  • The link could be called anything from “suggest a title” to “ask us to purchase.”

Request the digital version?

Hopefully your library is connected to Overdrive Libby…

  1. Log in to your library’s Overdrive Libby site. Use your library card number and pin.
  2. Search for the book by title.
  3. Add titles you can recommend.
  4. Hover over the cover, Recommend
  5. You can choose either to be notified or to be placed on hold & enter your email addy.
  6. Recommend this title.

It’s pretty self explanatory but a librarian can guide you through it.

You can do this for all of my books and for books from many other authors you love. Mine are also available for Bibliotheca, but I am not familiar with the step-by-step process.

I work hard to make certain everything I can make available to libraries, is made available. So please, spread the love!

Also if you want to teach with the Finishing School books, there are FREE downloads to help on my website:

More on libraries?

So there it is, I hope this post has been helpful. A remember it doesn’t have to just be my books.

Yours (in the library),

Miss Gail

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Quotes of the Day – All about Librarians & Libraries:

“One can never have too many librarian friends.” 

~ Jennifer Chiaverini

“Libraries are the ultimate restaurants for brain food. I sleep better knowing there are libraries. I would take a bullet for a librarian.” 

~ Simon Van Booy

“Rule number one: Don’t fuck with librarians.” 

~ Neil Gaiman

“A library is infinity under a roof.” 

~ Gail Carson Levine


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