What’s the Very Best Dessert in Existence?

So over on Reddit a little while ago I was asked this question…

What is the very best dessert?

I don’t think they realized what a minefield this is for me. I have SERIOUS feels on desserts.

I will go for ANYTHING puff pastry and custard adjacent. Like a Portuguese custard tart.

My favorite desert in existence is…

Bougatsa (Greek custard pie with phyllo and ground cinnamon) I’ve had a cinnamon dusted cronut with custard inside that was almost as good (find them at Johnny Doughnuts in San Rafael).


My other favorite dessert is pavlova, the sticky kind, and I like mine with clotted cream and raspberry (or if I am really lucky, passion fruit). 

Occasionally I will go on a mad hunt for île flottante (floating island) but it’s hard to find in my area.

If I am super lucky I’ll encounter an Italian place offering diplomatico slice / Diplomáticos (Diplomatici). I like the northern Italian kind that is puff pastry, sponge cake, custard (not cream) AND fruit. Because it’s everything to love all at once.

Can you tell sugar is my drug of choice?

Yours forever in sweetness,

Miss Gail


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Posted by Gail Carriger

2 Responses

  1. CelesteCAT said:

    This actually made me think of the best dessert _not_ in existence, the butter pies from A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones. She invented them when told she shouldn’t eat dairy anymore, and they sound amazing.

  2. Christine said:

    I travel a lot for work during the summer. We call this the bakery tour, and we stop in almost all the bakeries we see. The best dessert so far would be the cronut from Castlegar with a Bavarian cream filling. It has a chocolate drizzle. Now if you want to talk cinnamon buns…..

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