When the Book Surprises the Author, How Gail Decides What To Write Next & Sneaky Hints on Future Projects (Video Q&A)

My darlings a new chatty video for you. I got silly and excited about the Soulless Illustrated HC, new nonfiction book Girl Squads, and seeing a performance of queer Oklahoma!

Questions Answered

Will there be more illustrated editions of the Parasol Protectorate Series? How does Gail feel about the style of the illustrations? How does she feel about how the artist interprets her characters?

What hashtag should we use when showing off our Soulless illustrations colored in? #colorsolverse

Who has the rights to Gail’s series?

What surprised Gail when writing The Omega Objection (the next San Andreas Shifter book)? Where is the pre-order? (It’s COMING SOON.) Hints about cover art.

Why Gail is so discombobulated?

Will there be a movie/film? Will there be a Finishing School manga?

More Sophronia? More Alexia? More Lord A? (Plus some insight into his sex life.)

Will we get an American story line in the Parasolverse?

Would Gail ever write fantasy with a full-on magical system?

Why does Gail decide to write a book and how does she choose a main character? What’s her favorite weather for writing? Time of day?

Mentioned in this Video

Soulless Illustrated edition, direct link to buy on Amazon. Get it personalized by ordering it from Borderlands, use the “signed” button off Gail’s websiteThe Soulless Manga series. Casting Soulless the TV series (or movie). (Casting the Custard Protocol series here.) How did Soulless get its cover.

Soulless Illustrated Edition Launch Party at Borderlands! September 23, 3pm.

Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships That Changed History.

Queer gender bending fabulous production of Oklahoma! in Ashland.

Crazy Rich Asians & To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Gail watched them and loved the both.


Characters & Up Coming Projects

The next San Andreas Shifter book, The Omega Objection. Cover art reveal to come in the next Chirrup.

Some sneaky insights and quasi spoilers for what side characters are making appearances in Reticence. Also who is appearing in up-coming novellas. Who would give Biffy away?

Where is Biffy from? Take a look at his wikia entry for all hints.

The greater function of Lord Akeldama.

Gail’s favorite scene in the Parasol Protectorate.

Some of Ivy’s silly hats and outfits Ace by Artimis Fan Artist

What’s Gail Wearing & Where’s Gail Going?

Gail will be at TeslaCon and also DemiCon next May.

Gail is drinking a Thai Tea out of an antique teacup.

Gail’s YouTube tour of office & tour of teacup collection.

Gail’s turban is Raylans Womens Bowknot Turban Headwear Puggaree. Her lipstick is Maybelline Super Stay Lipcolor, Flame #725. These and other fashion tips from Gail in Retro Rack.

Hope you enjoyed it and hope you can join me live next time!

Yours in discombobulations,

Miss Gail


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  1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Any chance that you could have a role for someone like Johnny Depp if your books become films? It would be hilarious!

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