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Tell Someone You’re an Author and… A Coping Guide

So Gentle Reader, nothing is worse (for an author) than being at an event where no one knows you and you are faced with the inevitable question… So, what is it do you do? PANIC! Do I lie? Do I tell the truth? So many possible ways this could go badly badly wrong. But you […]

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10 Best Packing Tips For Authors

This blog originally written for and posted at Fiction University. If you are an author or a soon to be author, it’s a great blog to follow. I highly recommend it. 10 Best Packing Tips For Authors I used to be an archaeologist. Now I write fiction for a living. Biggest surprise when I switched […]

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Going Deep on Books Sizes: Trade Paperback, Hardcover, B-format! Why do Competence & Reticence Have 2 Covers?

Competence and Reticence each have two difference overs, Gentle Reader. TWO! 2! TOOOOOOOOoooooooooo. Competence Covers Print Editions? You can call or visit your favorite local bookstore! Ask them to “Order it from Ingram.“ Borderlands offers signed editions of the USA Hardcover. They will ship worldwide. Use the SIGNED button under the book’s image on my website: Competence […]

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30+ Best Blogs & Podcasts for Authors Recommended by Gail Carriger

My dear Gentle Reader, This one if for authors/writers who are interested in publishing & marketing their books. Below I list the blogs and podcasts I find most useful as a hybrid author (traditional publishing, yes but also those related to indie & self publishing). No matter your path, it’s a good idea to pay attention to things […]

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