How to Marry a Werewolf Gets a LARGE PRINT Edition!

Gentle Reader, I am pleased to announce that How to Marry a Werewolf (Channing’s love story) is now available as a Large Print Edition. This is my only book in existence as LARGE PRINT.

You should be able to order it from most independent bookstores, get it on Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, and Amazon, and also also request it for your local library.

Know someone in your life who has difficultly reading small print but still loves print books? I did this for them.

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Your Questions Answered

Why does it cost so much?

Print books are very costly for authors to produce independently. The printer and distributor take a huge cut, plus the charge for shipping gets higher the bigger the book. A large print book is about twice as long as a regular print book, so it’s very heavy. I also had to pay to get it recovered and reformatted.

What makes it different from the original?

The book itself is bigger (6 X 9) and longer, 412 pages.

The font is 18 point sans serif (no little bits on the ends of letter).

Why How to Marry?

It’s my most popular novella. I feel like it’s the best stand alone I’ve written that introduces my world. It’s the only one I control the rights to that does this (I can’t do Soulless, E&E, or Prudence).

Can I get a signed edition?

Yes. If you really want large print signed, I’m willing to work with Borderlands to get it to you. But they’ll need to collect orders first, because I honestly don’t know if anyone is interested to I’m not keeping any extras to hand. Email them using the SIGNED button below the book cover via my website. Please SPECIFY that you want the NEW LARGE PRINT of How to Marry.

You must specify this, or they will be confused and send you the normal version.

But I want everything in LARGE PRINT!

If this one sells well, I will do the other Parasolverse novellas. You want more to come out? Please encourage your library to buy it. Pimp it to your local retirement community. Pick it for your book group. This is an expensive luxury product for me to do, it has to work out for me fiscally. I know, but while I donate to many charities, I don’t run one.

I will probably not do the San Andreas books (too long, the resulting book would be too heavy).

If you want any of my Parasolverse series in large print (Parasol Protectorate, Custard Protocol, or Finishing School) you need to write to those publishing houses to ask them (Orbit and Little Brown respectively). I do not control this. I can do nothing about it.



Miss Gail

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“Despite its darker elements, or perhaps because of them, this was a lovely read. Faith and Channing’s relationship isn’t an all-consuming love story, but a story of two people finding something they both need in one another.”


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