What the Book Publishing Process is Like + Fan Service Behind the Scenes (Video)

I’m hoping you’ll enjoy my latest video, Gentle Reader.

This one is less Q&A and more a bit of storytelling from yours truly.

For the first half I talk about how a book is birthed into the world from a traditionally established author perspective using Fan Service as a model. The second half is a regular Q&A.

FIY I misspoke when I say “no oxford comma.” I, of course, meant the opposite.


After the book is written, what next?

  1. The options cause: What does it mean? How do authors act because of it and their contract?
    Meaning of “under option” “not activating option” etc.. and why a broad/open/wide option is bad and a tight/narrow/restricted option is good.
  2. How authors are paid by a publisher: in 3 installments on signing, delivery & acceptance (D&A), and on publication (on-pub)
  3. What happens after the manuscript is delivered to an editor.
  4. Difference between an editor at a traditional publishing house and a developmental editor (or dev edit) as hired by an indie/self published author.
  5. How the language around editors is different between traditional and self publishers.
  6. How a dev edit difference from other types of editing. (Why we moved to Word at this juncture. UGH.)
  7. When a book “goes into production” or is “put into production.”
  8. What the copy edit process is like. (AKA line edit) And do they have a sense of humor?
    Style sheets. House rules.
  9. What a proof pass is like.
  10. What is an ARC? Why produce one? How is it different from the finished product? Using Fan Service as a demo.

Questions answered pertaining to the traditional publishing process:

  • How do beta (and alpha) readers fit into this? Can a good beta take the place of a developmental editor?
  • How to separate yourself from your work, so you can better edit yourself. Using tech and using emotions. Gail offers tips: audio pass, changing fonts etc…
  • Does Gail have advice for new authors? Try her Resources page
  • Quick chat about author copies of published print books.

Here is what the ARC of Prudence looked like.

Prudence finished hard cover on the left and the ARC on the right.

The actual release was a hard cover.


Other Fun Stuff

Gail shows you difference between a numbered Limited hard cover editions from Subterranean and a Lettered boxed edition.

Gail shows you exactly how long the Meat Cute (AKA The Hedgehog Incident) is…

Gail shouts out her local RWA chapter (San Francisco RWA)

Hints at future video.

Brief chat on poly characters and covers

Does Gail ever hate her characters?

Gail Carriger’s Parasolverse Wikia (AKA world bible)

Possibly Meat Cute at the very end of the year. Only maybe. We will see how I feel. (Big leak on who’s reading it.) How long will it be? It’s a little over 9,000 words so the same length as The Curious Case

The turban Gail is wearing can be found here: (the broach is her own)

Gail ends with her mind being BLOWN by how the German’s treat titles.

Audiobooks Coming Out This Year

The Omega Objection

The 5th Gender

Competence to the UK… maybe?

Reticence to the USA, yes in August. To the UK? Who knows.


If you have things you’d like Gail to cover in depth (as she did with trad publishing) please leave a comment with the subject you’d like covered. Already on the list: Gail’s self publishing book birth journey.


I hope you enjoyed this video!

Yours, live and in color,

Miss Gail


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The 5th Gender (A Tinkered Stars Mystery as G. L. Carriger).

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Sci-fi queer romance meets cozy mystery in which a hot space station cop meets the most adorable purple alien ever (lavender, pulease!) from a race with 5 genders.

Quote of the Day:

Writing a book is like making stock:

  1. Boil carcass until something useful comes out.
  2. Skim the fat.
  3. Freeze.
  4. Forget about it for months.
  5. Turn into something edible or throw it away.

~ Self on Twitter

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