All Gail Carriger’s Queer Books: Fun LGBTQ+ Cozy Stories

You may or may not have already noticed that there are lots of queer characters in my books. I know, right? What could be better than rainbow hugs? Below is an ongoing list of books, novellas, and short stories that I have written featuring queer* main characters. All of my books have queer rep, regardless […]

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Romancing the Inventor Special Extras

Romancing the Inventor is the second novella I wrote and my first official queer romance. Romancing the Inventor released in November of 2016 Here are some fun blog posts and resources that tie to this story. Research I did, chattering and amusement on the subject of May/December, lesbian, and class conflict relationships. This was also my […]

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How to Defend Yourself Against a Vampire, Gail Carriger Style

Just for fun, here’s this, Gentle Reader!     Did you want more fun extra bits? Stuff like this goes to my Chirrup members, because I love them bestest. Sign up here. Not into newsletters? Get only new releases by following Gail on Amazon or BookBub! Coop de Book for May is How to Marry a Werewolf (naturally, or should […]

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Romancing the Inventor Chapter Titles & Other Quandaries

I have a mad love of chapter titles, Gentle Reader. You may, or may not, have noticed that all of my books have chapter titles. I’ve no idea where this love comes from, that’s the weird thing. Yes many of my early reader books had chapter titles, but it’s not like as I got older they […]

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Romancing the Inventor is an Audiobook!

I’m not going to bury the lead, darlings, because that is so not my style. Here, in all its glory is the link to buy Romancing the Inventor in audiobook form on Audible! (Also on iTunes.) Concerning Audiobooks, Tea, & Mild Peril Well my darling Gentle Reader, after scanning a bunch of articles (mostly useless) and poking some of […]

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Why this author writes queer characters

AKA Blame Mercedes Lackey, Behind The Supernatural Society Back when I was first transitioning into reading adult books, Gentle Reader, it was pretty natural to cross from children’s fantasy (there was no YA as a category back then) into adult fantasy via Mercedes Lackey. (I still hold that Arrows is, in fact, YA. It simply […]

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Romancing the Inventor Cover Reveal! (Supernatural Society)

I’m delighted to show you the cover art and blurb for Romancing the Inventor: A Supernatural Society Novella! This cover was designed by the indomitable Starla Huchton, the photo was taken by Pixie Vision Photography, and is used with permission from Donna Ricci. Recognize that name? Yeah, that’s because Donna was the cover model for the Parasol Protectorate […]

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