Reticence Release Q&A and More!

My new book, Reticence, hits stores tomorrow, Gentle Reader.

Gail Carriger and Reticence

I hope you are excited to read Percy’s book and to visit more and very different parts of the world. You are in for a great deal of hijinks and silliness and a couple big reveals that I think will shock and delight about the world, the characters, and the Parasolverse past.

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Here are some of the most common questions I get when a new book launches!

Is this the last in the Custard Protocol series?



Because it feels like a good ending point and for various other reasons which you’ll need to meet me in persona and buy me a drink to learn about.

Is this the last for these characters?

NEVER! When have I ever let a character just drop? I imagine various of the side characters will turn up again or in other forms around and about. You should recognize one foxy cross over already.

I like to say you can play a rousing game of spot that side character in most of my books.

Why Are There Two Covers?

Different territories are involved. 

Where is the Audiobook?

ARGH! So frustrating

How can I best support the author?

Here’s how I earn money and which gives me the most and why. Otherwise the greatest gift you can give me is a review.

What’s next?

The special edition omnibus Fan Service is out in October (sold out). You can expect the original short story about Alexia, Conall, and the hedgehog incident, Meat Cute, to get an audio and digital release eventually.

The next Delightfully Deadly books comes out in Spring 2020, more on the title, main character, and release date in an up-coming Chirrup.

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After that, I’m not sure, hopefully I will have news for you soon.

Yours rather crazy with book launch stuffs,

Miss Gail 


Reticence: The forth and final Custard Protocol Book!


USA & Canada: Amazon print & digital & audiobook | Kobo | B & N | Apple | Audible | Other

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Bookish and proper Percival Tunstell finds himself out of his depth when floating cities, spirited plumbing, and soggy biscuits collide in this delightful conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger’s Custard Protocol series.



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Book News:

Sophril Reads says of Prudence:

“I really enjoyed this first adventure for this crew. I was having a rough time with life in general and this book made me smile and laugh it was just what I needed.  This is definitely something that I will encourage you all to pick up…”

Quote of the Day:

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“I suspect it may be like the difference between a drinker and an alcoholic; the one merely reads books, the other needs books to make it through the day.”

(Interview with The Booklovers blog, September 2010)” ~ Gail Carriger

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4 Responses

  1. Rebecca L Molina said:

    Oh Dearest Gail I so love these characters. I have read the 3 series and most of the standalone and am just enamored.

    I hate myself for the way I read Percy’s book. I discovered you only last year and binged on all the books and anxiously awaited Reticence. I read through the book in 2 days which was slowed down due to daily distractions that come along with 2 smallish children, but I feel like I absolutely devoured this book. I swallowed it without chewing. I could just kick myself for not savoring it.

  2. Sabrina said:

    Am a long standing fan, have enjoyed your writing immensely, have gotten friends to buy your books, have left reviews (yes, am trying to get brownie points in before my next remark), yet, somehow, Prue and I never really clicked and (gasp) I did not actually get through all the books in this series (apologies). However, it looks like Percy (and, well, the new lady doctor, tbh) will be a better match for me. So my question is: can Reticence be read without having read every other book in this series…? On a scale from ‘you’ll get lost, don’t even try’ via ‘you won’t get all the references but it’ll be enjoyable’ to ‘just jump in at any point, you’ll be fiiiine’?

    1. Emily said:

      Maybe somewhere between “you’ll get lost, don’t even try” and “you won’t get all the references but it’ll be enjoyable”. Sounds like you’ve read books in the Parasolverse but not Custard Protocol, in which case maybe a lot of the references you’d get. Within CP you won’t have had Percy’s and the others’ histories but Arsenic is a whole new main character, which I thought might be tricky introduced in a final book, but I loved her, and getting more of Percy (I liked his POV in Competence).
      I loved Reticence, possibly more than the first 3 CP books put together – if that helps at all.

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