10 Things That YOU Did That Made Me Happy in 2019

Gentle Reader, here’s a small sample of things relating to you lovelies that I really enjoyed last year!

Meeting some well dressed readers at Denver’s Pop Culture Con 2019

  1. Teaching the Heroine’s Journey for Writers. I forgot what a delight it is to teach a subject I love to students who are genuinely interested. I’ll never get over the sensation of watching students’ eyes shine when they have their ah-ha moments. It’s a wonderful feeling.
  2. Learning about your weird, unique, or unusual Thanksgiving and holiday traditions (and foods). Mine mostly involved crab.
  3. Bookriot’s multiple posts on girls who dress as boys, reminded me I have a fun blog post on the subject.
  4. You all posting photos of purple things, cocktails, dresses, flowers, you name it in honor of The 5th Gender‘s Release. Yeah purple!
  5. Reddit’s Favorite Mindblowing Facts of All Time, Fact-Checked
    Lilliput Cat Tongue Lick Fomral Bow Tie
  6. This story about a cat stuck in a garbage disposal (cat is fine, story made me cry with laughter). Honestly it’s worth the five minutes it takes to read.
  7. All your support and condolences when I lost my beloved little convertible. Te AB and I are trying to be a one car household for a bit, it’s going… okaaay.
  8. Working my way through Midsomer Murders. Increasing amused by the absurd plots (bird watchers of doooom). Also having a grand time spotting familiar faces from various BBC costume dramas. When I posted about this on Facebook, it occasioned a huge and truly hilarious discussion with you lot.
  9. Everyone getting so excited about Fan Service that it sold out completely in less than 2 weeks!
  10. Scanning all my old fan mail before moving offices and reliving the glory days after Soulless first came out.

Gail Carriger Themed Crosstitch Teapot Teacup copy

Yours, surrounded by awesome peeps,

Miss Gail

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Meat Cute: The Hedgehog Incident featuring Alexia & Conall’s first encounter!

Meat Cute The Hedgehog Incident Gail Carriger Free Download


In this short story Alexia Tarabotti attends what seems to be a dull London party, until the new werewolf Alpha turns up, is unconscionably rude to her, and sits on a hedgehog.

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Tisane of Nifty 

Bonus: Fans introduced me to Sunken Treasure Jewels at Gaslight Steam Expo.

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Book Nibble 

“Libraries are reservoirs of strength, grace and wit, reminders of order, calm and continuity, lakes of mental energy, neither warm nor cold, light nor dark.”

~ Germaine Greer

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“If you’re not pissing someone off, you’re probably in PR.”

~ Borderlands Books, Overheard in the Store


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4 Responses

  1. Andrea K. Frankel said:

    As a variation on the 20 queer fantasies reading list, do you have any recommendations for fantasies with hot lesbian sex scenes? I’ve been reading lots of sexy fantasies lately, but they are RELENTLESSLY heteronormative. Romance is fun, but I would rather get hot and bothered!

    1. Gail Carriger said:

      What a good question. I actually don’t know any off the top of my head. I mean I know of good lesbian fantasy, but not with explicit or even super hot sex scenes. You might ask/check The Lesbrary, this is the prefect question for her. https://lesbrary.com/

  2. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    We likes making authors happy, don’ts we, precioussss?

    Ahem. Tis a shame, though, that Retro Rack is fading away to part from Middle Earth forever. (Sorry, but that’s how some elves died in Tolkein’s works — willed themselves to die and fade away. Got an odd brain here).

    Hooray for good writing and our homemade onion bhajis!

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