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Demigod 12 Cover Art Reveal & Explanation

For anyone wanting to sample the first chapter of this second book in the series, Demigod 12, I decided (because this is a trilogy) not to post that publicly. Too many spoilers. If you preorder the book directly from me you get the whole first chapter right now. And it’s a special Chirrup this month […]

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What is an author style guide? How about a style sheet?

In putting together a pronunciation guide post and video for my science fiction series (aliens make everything complicated, including language) I realized I’ve never talked about what a style guide actually is (for us fiction writers, I mean). I started to amend that post with an end note on this subject, and then realized I […]

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Researching Gender Fluidity & Representing it in Fiction

I’ll be honest, Gentle Reader, I wrote The 5th Gender, basically in the space of one week without internet. So while I was writing it. I just let it come… So to speak. But after that, I did a ton of research, as indeed I did for Custard Protocol, San Andreas Shifters & other Tinkered […]

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