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Gail Carriger Interviews Sarah Raughley

It’s been a while since I did an interview, Gentle Reader, so I hope you will join me in welcoming the lovely Sarah Raughley to the blog today! About Sarah Raughley, the Author! Tea or coffee and how do you take it? Tea, black, with a bit of honey. Please describe your personal style for […]

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Guest Interview! L.J. Hachmeister and The Laws of Attraction

Hello my darlings, please welcome L.J. Hachmeister to the blog today for one of my very silly interviews in which I ask other authors the questions I wish people would ask me… About you, the Author! L.J. Hachmeister Tea or coffee and how do you take it? Jasmine tea, hot, with a teaspoon of sugar. […]

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Gail Carriger & Madame Askew Talk Tea (Video)

Miss Gail Welcomes Madame Askew for her very first Co-live! I hope you enjoy this, Gentle Reader, we dive deep into TEA! Links you might want after watching this! Madame Askew’s Page The ladies sample 2018 Supreme High Mountain Jin Xuan Milk Oolong (thanks Sally!) Apparently you drink oolong 2x, with two rounds of water. […]

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Gail Carriger & Madame Askew Talk All Things Tea (Video)

Please welcome steampunk maven, mistress of Tea Dueling, and fellow lover of all things sacred leaf to the blog today, Gentle Reader. Madame Askew! In this video Madame Askew and I talk about all things tea related. We share our love, discuss blends, pairing, thoughts on where and when and who shoudl drink what and […]

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Gail Interviews Stacy Finz, Getting Western With It!

My dear Gentle Reader, Please join me in welcoming the lovely Stacy Finz to the blog today! Stacy is an awesome, hilarious, vibrant human who I am lucky enough to get to see pretty regularly, as she is a member of my RWA chapter. Accordingly I invited her around for virtual tea! About the Author! […]

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Gail Carriger Interviews Diana Pharaoh Francis Talks Humor Writing!

Dearest Gentle Reader, As you may have noticed September is a pretty busy month for me. I’ve had some unexpected family related travel among other things. In order to help me cope, I invited another author friend around for tea and a chat. Please welcome the incomparable fantasist, Diana Pharaoh Francis, to the blog today! About […]

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Gail Carriger Interviews Lauren Harris About Unleash

My dear Gentle Reader, Please join me in welcoming my dear friend Lauren Harris to the blog today for tea and a chat. Funnily enough, Lauren has already made her debut here on this blog, I talk about her as my fellow fangirl squeeing over Mercedes Lackey in this post: Behind Romancing the Inventor: Blame Mercedes Lackey […]

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