Gail Carriger’s Must Do List When Visiting London ~ 3 Days Planned for Lovers of the Parasolverse (Special Extras)

By special request Gentle Reader, I give you some of my favorite things to do when visiting London couched in terms of character preference and influence on the Parasolverse.

Day One ~ Physical Improvements

  • Felicity & Evelyn ~ Wander down Oxford Street and look at shops, perhaps buy shoes, perhaps buy more than just shoes. Preferably use someone else’s money.
  • Alexia ~ Go to swanky bra place and get properly fitted, spend too much on bras.
  • Lord Akeldama ~ pilgrimage to Liberties of London, coo over the amazing fabric. Investigate the scraps for brightly colored scarves.
  • Everyone ~ Pay court to the Twining’s tea shop. Oldest shop in London that is still in the same place.
  • Rue ~ avoid pigeons.

Day Two ~ Intellectual Improvements

  • Templars ~ Visit the Etruscan section of the British Museum.
  • Lyall ~ spend a quiet moment sitting in the amazing crystal library of the British Museum.
  • Tasheret ~ see if there are any old friends lurking in the Egyptian section of the British Museum.
  • Lord Akeldama ~ visits self in mosaic form.
  • Floote ~ eat at the cafe at the top of the Tate in ever unlikely hope that they will have the amazing celeriac soup back on the menu from the week they opened.
  • Biffy ~ visit the costumes in the Victorian & Albert Museum.
  • Rue ~ avoid pigeons.

1895 Bodice The Victoria & Albert Museum

Day Three ~ Emotional Improvements

  • Ivy & Alexia ~ Walk through Hyde Park. Preferably with a parasol.
  • Everyone ~ afternoon tea at Browns .
    Located just two minutes away from Hyde Park, Brown’s is well known for its afternoon tea. Since tables cannot be reserved, customers begin lining up at three o’clock to make sure of obtaining one of the flowery chintz armchairs in the dark-paneled salon.
    Alternatively go to tea at Fortnum & Mason (AKA Tum Tums).

  • Rue ~ avoid pigeons.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1950s ultra modern umbrellas

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Quote of the Day:

“Coffee (n.): The person upon whom one coughs.”

~ Unknown

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