Things Gail Carriger Does Upon Visiting the UK (Miss Carriger Recommends)

Things Gail Does Upon Visiting the UK

  1. Buys and consumes at least four bags of Walkers Crisps in the most peculiar flavors possible.
  2. Buys and consumes yoghurt, searches for gooseberry, settles on raspberry.
  3. Indulges in vast amounts of tea.
  4. Hunts down blueberries, if possible. They are my favorite fruit and taste better in the UK.

Yes, I have arrived in London, Gentle Reader, and because I am stomach orientated the first thing I did was find a Tescos. Nom nom nom. But on to more exciting things. Tea!

I arrived at my very lovely hotel (amazing bathtub) to find that they had a tea cubby. So cute. I want one. I mean just look at it. Someone should make a little suitcase that does the same thing, wouldn’t that be adorable? You could repurpose one of those 1950’s hair dryer cases.

On to Foyles!

I arrived to find everything happening seamlessly, or should I say seamfully? As I was sharing the event with master fiber artist Lauren O’Farrell (author of Stitch London: 20 kooky ways to knit the city and more.)

Knitted Queen!

I’m often surrounded by fiber artists *looks at Miss K* everyone should be so lucky.

Massive Knitted Squid (he’s made of bags)

And the folks from pornokistch and my publishing house making everything beautiful.

And enthusiastic and lively crowd turned up (for a Monday night in the rain) and we commenced with tea and nibbles moving on to knitting and then a little Soulless. After a Q&A I signed and chatted.


And I tweeted recently that this would make a great cake:

And a lovely lady made me this!

It was lemony deliciousness.

Book News:
What the Cat Reads likes me!

Quote of the Day:
“The oldest books are still only just out to those who have not read them.”
~ Samuel Butler

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  1. MittensMorgul said:

    I love the writer's clock, though mine would have a lot more "revision."

    I'm also setting out to make a tea cubby like that! Amazing and useful!

  2. Nora said:

    I just want to say how lovely it was to meet and chat with you. I hope you plan to get chocolates from your fans instead of octopuses work out 🙂 Hope you the rest of you stay in the UK!

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