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Write Goldenrod’s backstory for the love of Oolong!!!

Look Gentle Reader,

Lord Akeldama is best in very small doses.

Header Write Goldenrod’s backstory for the love of Oolong!!! Lord Akeldama

Writing him for any length of time, IMPOSSIBLE. Can you imagine spending the space of one short story in that man’s head, let alone an entire book?

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Plus most of his charm is to do with his mystery, if I tell you too much about him you’ll find him less interesting.

Although someone once said I should write about him from the perspective of his cat, which seems too silly even for me. (I know right? Who knew those words would ever come from my fingers?) But it is a possibility. Maybe some day when I am very drunk and I feel like the cat has something to say. The cat has to come alive as a voice in my head and have a specific scene or story to tell before this will happen. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just very very improbable. (10 points to anyone who gets that reference.)

Here’s what I can tell you…

There is a big, MASSIVE, reveal about Lord Akeldama’s past and his reasons for doing what he does in Reticence. So if you aren’t caught up on the Custard Protocol I recommend you do so before the last one comes out because otherwise the chatter will drive you mad.

Mad I tell you!

If what you love about Lord Akeldama is his flirty irreverence and general all knowing superiority than you should check out bot Max and Mana in the San Andreas Shifter series. And I and promise you that you will love Tristol, my alien character in the 5th Gender.

Hush now and let me write,

Miss Gail

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4 Responses

  1. Jami said:

    I have to agree, I like Lord A better as a semi-mystery in small doses. That being said, I personally would love to see a small story, not even necessarily a novela-length one – where he just randomly tries to pull a Pygmalion thing and picks up some random person, man or woman, and tries to be all Henry Higgins to their Eliza Doolittle. Especially if he makes the “mistake” of picking up an obnoxious American on vacation.

    I mean, he must get bored enough sometimes to see if he can make a silk purse out of sow’s ear.

  2. bella said:

    *rubs hands with glee* Well if i wasnt looking forward to reticence before…..

    as for the akeldama problem , the only legitimate solution is to set the novella entirely inside an alternate universe where everyone is a cat, cant give away the secrets if the internal monologue is meow.

  3. Sharon Redgrave said:

    I am shocked (shocked, I tell you!) that no one suggested George Blagdon ( Louis XIV in Versailles) for Lord A. So alarmingly charming….and dangerous. *sigh*

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