Live From Seattle: Never Get A Chance To See Gail At A Bookstore? We Recorded This For You!

Well Gentle Reader,

I was recently in Seattle at University Bookstore. They were gracious enough to organize something rather last minute for me. (All their stock is now signed, so if you missed me, you can still get something special for yourself.)

I was there visiting and staying with my author friend and podcast co-host Piper J. Drake. (We do 20 Minute Delay together.) She and Producer Matt came along to this event, and being capable sweethearts, recorded it for you! (Say “Thank you Piper and Producer Matt.”)

Producer Matt, Piper J. Drake, Gail Carriger of 20 Minute Delay Podcast

Live broadcasting an event is not something I normally do, because if the store or the convention has paid for me to visit, I want to reward them with exclusivity. But since I was up in Seattle on my own dime for PodCon (and University bookstore was sweetly amenable), here it is…

Takes a bit for me to figure out the sound (which isn’t awesome) but it’s live with a large crowd done on an old iPhone so you know… SUFFER!

Here Are Show Notes!

I talk author carrier secrets, up coming books, plus take a few pot shots and compare myself to a dominatrix. As you do.

Questions Answered:

  • Is Reticence the last Custard Protocol book? Is CP the last Parasolverse series? Some serious tips as to what happens.
  • Hints about May’s sci-fi book release, The 5th Gender, “space porn alien police procedural.”
  • Which characters do I want to have love affaires with?
  • How do I decide what to write next?
  • Why put secrets in the Chirrup but not online?

  • Feelings about book length (plus a few digs) & constructing series.
  • Writing about Japan for the first time and the delicacy of the Meiji Restoration.
  • My favorite cover?
  • Why I write finite series.
  • How do my parents feel about me giving up academia and pursuing an author lifestyle.

Links & References


By Request & Other Fun Stuff

  • Publisher and editor relationships.
  • Gail’s obsession with good editing.
  • Being clever and intentional with character names and book titles. Where to source fun super British ones!
  • Why you can’t trust dude fantasy authors not to break your heart.
  • More Lilliput follow Gail on Instagram!


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