All Gail Carriger’s Queer Books: Fun LGBTQ+ Cozy Stories

You may or may not have already noticed that there are lots of queer characters in my books. I know, right? What could be better than rainbow hugs? Below is an ongoing list of books, novellas, and short stories that I have written featuring queer* main characters. All of my books have queer rep, regardless […]

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Why Write Sexy? High Heat in Genre Fiction

I’ve written books that fall all across the spectrum. No, not that spectrum. I’m talking about sex scenes here. The 5th Gender, is sexy, Gentle Reader. It has a high heat level. Not all of my books do. They range with regards to how explicit they are. The Finishing School is at one end with […]

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Researching Gender Fluidity & Representing it in Fiction

I’ll be honest, Gentle Reader, I wrote The 5th Gender, basically in the space of one week without internet. So while I was writing it. I just let it come… So to speak. But after that, I did a ton of research, as indeed I did for Custard Protocol, San Andreas Shifters & other Tinkered […]

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Sample This Tasty Book! The 5th Gender First Scene

Here is your tasty book sample, Gentle Reader! Introducing The 5th Gender! THE 1ST CHAPTER What’s with the pet thing anyway? There is no doubt about it. Humans are weird. Surely all the other aliens would agree with Tristol on this subject ­– especially at the pub (which was run by humans) on the space […]

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