Gail Talks Future Projects, Author Demigods, and Gets Emotional (Video)

New video Q&A for you today, Gentle Reader!

So here I am chatting about everything from Enforcer Enigma to Heroine’s Journey to other future projects. I urge you not to turn authors into demigods and delve into the philosophical weight of separating artist from art. Also I get pretty emotional at the end. So many hugs to you all.

Sorry, I’m a bit low energy in this video as I’m recovering from a bought of ick.

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Yours (destined to be killed by a tumbling TBR pile),

Miss Gail

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Defy or Defend, a new Delightfully Deadly book featuring Dimity!


Direct from me?

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  1. Matthew said:

    I rarely get to catch these live, but I love that you post the videos after! They’re always such a joy.

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