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Gail Steampunking Around Anchorage

There were some fun moments of steampunk and general Gail appeal around the town of Anchorage. I thought I’d share a few with you, Gentle Reader. I found myself at the Red Chair Cafe, for example… And I also tracked down the local tea house… Yes, I did contemplate just staying in that tea house […]

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Alaska for Gail is All About Glaciers

OK, so I love glaciers. I had to study glaciology for one of my minors as an archaeology undergraduate (glacial till and valley formation are key to both clay deposits – ceramics was my specialty – and site formation.) I love a good U-shaped valley. Since I figured Alaska might be my only chance (we tried to […]

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Alaska Steamposium Report ~ Steampunk Outfits & More

So the Alaska Steamposium in Anchorage was a tiny but enthusiastic little con, well worth a visit if you are in the area. They treated me like royalty and I had a lovely time. One of the things that they did was challenge the con com to dress as a Gail Carriger cover. Beatrix took this […]

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Singapore 2016: The City & The Light

So after the Singapore Writers Festival, the AB and I spent a week puttering about Singapore itself. This is my standard procedure. Whenever I accept an invitation to go abroad (which I usually only do once a year) the AB and I try to piggyback a vacation on it. (AB’s job not-with-standing, which is one of […]

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Gail Carriger Talks About The Food In Singapore

Meanwhile – in the USA we just gorged ourselves on turquay, Gentle Reader. So here’s my post all about food in Singapore! Yes yes yes (and one great big NO). Singapore Food: The Bad I’m an incredibly experimental eater. You can take a look at some of the wide ranging Things I Have Stuck in My Mouth […]

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Singapore Writers Festival 2016

If you, Gentle Reader, do not follow my movements with care and precision, then allow me to say that I was at the Singapore Writers Festival a few weekends ago. Here is a little bit about it. Amazing Lunch First things first, I was invited to the Tanglin Club for lunch. I thought it would be […]

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Helpful Podcasts for Authors ~ NaNoWriMo Tip Sheet (Important for Writers)

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) around the interwebs, Gentle Reader. I don’t participate myself. Let’s be perfectly honest ~ it’s a dumb month to pick. Always has been. For me it’s particularly inappropriate as I’ve spent the first half of November, for years, on book tour for a Finishing School book. And this year I […]

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WorldCon 2016, Kansas City Report

WorldCon is always one of my favorite conventions because of the people I get to see, old friends and new. However, being a pop-up con, it changes depending on where it takes place. Not necessarily in structure but in character and organization. I have to say that (from my perspective) the organization at Kansas City […]

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Scrivener On The Go Report ~ Author On The Move

I don’t ordinarily do these kinds of posts, Gentle Reader, but sometimes I report things for you because I need to chronicle things for me. First here is a great article on how to get started on Scrivener. Here is are the tools I use to write on the go: iPad mini iWerkz Bluetooth keyboard […]

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13 Top Tips for The Traveling Writer

This post, Gentle Reader, was originally written as a guest blog for the estimable Pornokitsch. I started attending conventions as a fangirl long before I was a professional writer. I knew what to expect and when I got my first Guest of Honor invitation I was over the moon. I still get a little thrill […]

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Gail On The Move ~ Your Questions Answered

This is part of the spontaneous AMA I ran a few weeks ago. Thanks to all who asked questions and gave me ideas for future blog posts. You, Gentle Reader, are the best! What was your favorite cities that you have visited and which ones are on your bucket list?  I fell unexpectedly and deeply […]

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