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Scrivener On The Go Report: Author On The Move

I don’t ordinarily do these kinds of posts, Gentle Reader, but sometimes I report things for you because I need to chronicle things for me. First here is a great article on how to get started on Scrivener. Here is are the tools I use to write on the go: iPad mini iWerkz Bluetooth keyboard […]

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13 Top Tips for The Traveling Writer

This post, Gentle Reader, was originally written as a guest blog for the estimable Pornokitsch. I started attending conventions as a fangirl long before I was a professional writer. I knew what to expect and when I got my first Guest of Honor invitation I was over the moon. I still get a little thrill […]

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10 Convention Packing & Attending Tips for Authors

I have a number of posts on attending conventions, Gentle Reader. I thought I would pull them all together for easy reference. I average about 12 events a year divided between: comicons, small or large SF/F conventions, trade shows, book fairs, writing retreats, writers conferences, book tours, and their various international equivalents. 1. Gail’s Favorite […]

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Gifts for Frequent Travelers

Some fun gift ideas for the frequent traveler in your life whether they be a touring author, like yours truly, a business woman, or beyond. As you all know I’m obsessed with packing and I travel all the time, these are a few of my favorite things, Gentle Reader. Gifts for Frequent Flyers Lewis N. […]

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Fun & Practical Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

The holidays are upon us. So here are some fun ideas for gifts for the writer in your life, Gentle Reader. Gifts for Writers Profession association membership: Coupon to purchase membership for your budding author in something like SFWA (if they qualify) or RWA. (You can always give a coupon for drop-in attendance at the […]

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The Business of Being an Author on the Move

Right now, Gentle Reader, my life is full of writing business (as opposed to writing itself). Thank goodness I got so much done at the Super Secret Retreat of Doom! I’m staring down the barrel of a whole lot of travel: Tuscon Festival back-to-back with a week long book tour, then 5 days home before […]

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More On Packing: This Time Clothing

Continuing on with my run on packing, we are finally on my favorite part, Gentle Reader, the clothing! Shoes Generally I don’t believe in adding weight except when strictly necessary but shoes are the exception. They are also a bit difficult as I do think shoes need to go into bags or pockets, unless they […]

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How to Master Modular Packing AKA Kits!

The AB says I could have a whole blog on packing and traveling tips. But if you asked me what my top tip was, I’d say modular packing. In addition to all the pockets in various suitcases, I’m a believer in keeping everything as modular as possible. I picked up two sets of clear with […]

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Traveling Author: Packing Tips & Recommended Gadgets for Authors

Since I made the shift, Gentle Reader, from archeologist to author I have traveled more, not less. True, those travels have been for shorter lengths of time, but still this was an unexpected (if welcome) shift in my life. I thought that the thing I would miss most about archeology was traveling. More fool me.  […]

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Convention Packing Tips

There has been one of those synchronicities in the zeitgeist recently where everyone seems to be talking about attending conventions. Mur Lafferty brought it up on a recent I Should Be Writing feedback show. I participated in a marvelously fun discussion on the subject over at The SF Signal. I have already covered the pros […]

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