Imprudence Special Extras (Custard Protocol)

Imprudence is the second book in my Parasol Protectorate spin off series, this time going on a journey up the Nile through Egypt and Africa (which I very MUCH want to take myself). Imprudence released in July of 2016 Here are some fun blog posts and resources that tie to this book, researching Egypt & Africa […]

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Rodrigo Tarabotti Character Study! (Special Extras)

A bit behind the magic for you today, Gentle reader. After his brief appearance at the end of Imprudence, you get a chance to know Rodrigo Tarabotti more in Competence. Here’s his Pinterst character board for a peak into what he looks like in my head.  As you can see I had a young Rufus Sewell […]

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Gail’s Most Recent Video (Q&A with Gail Carriger)

Welcome, Gentle reader! Here is the youtube video of the recent Q&A session I ran on Facebook Live. I’m reading the questions as they are posted in comments, that’s what there are occasional pauses while I make a funny face. Links vital to the video: Imprudence trade release. More about the release. More on the next […]

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Trade Paperback Release of Gail Carriger’s Imprudence & Praise for Custard Protocol

The trade edition of Imprudence released into the world! Remember you can call Borderlands Books to get a signed copy (888.893.4008). Praise for Imprudence: “Fierce ladies that don’t back down from a fight.” ~ Bookish Things & More “For a silly, fun escape from day-to-day dirigible-less doldrums, ‘Imprudence’ is required reading.” ~ The Oklahoman “I enjoy Gail […]

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Facebook Live & Ketchup (Q&A with Gail Carriger)

My dearest Gentle Reader, I’m planning another Facebook Live, to say hello and chat on the release of Imprudence in trade. That will be next Tuesday, Feb 7, at 1pm Pacific time on my Facebook Author Page. I know it’s not an ideal time for many of you but due to a conflagration of events, that’s when I can […]

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Imprudence is ALIVE & Gail is on Tour

Today Imprudence, my latest novel and the second in the Custard Protocol series released into the world. Thus, I am off on tour. I will try to check in online when I can, but I will be mostly on the move for the next two weeks! Please do come out and see me if you […]

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Imprudence Research & Reference Links (Behind the Magic)

Hello Gentle Reader, with Imprudence releasing oh so soon.   Here’s a glimpse into some of the research I had to do for this next Custard Protocol book. Queen Victoria via  Elaine Powell @ManchesterSteam   Politics in the Sudan before and after Rue visits Mahdist Sudan Battle of Omdurman (right after Rue leaves this area) […]

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Questions About Imprudence Answered (Q&A with Gail Carriger)

Hello, Gentle Reader, below I answer some frequently asked questions about Imprudence. Will we get the Audiobook at the same time as the print and ebook? Did you get it at the same time for Prudence? If yes, then mostly likely yes for Imprudence. If no (waves at the UK) then you are stuck waiting […]

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