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Characters as Cinnamon Rolls (Special Extras)

This has been kicking around Tumblr for a while now, and I enjoy it so much I thought I would repost it here. Made by caduceus-tealeaf (using images from Soulless Vol. 1 the manga). Yours (looks like a cinnamon roll… you can guess the rest), Miss Gail Want more behind the scenes silliness? Thy the […]

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The Manga of Blameless Releases Tomorrow!

Well, Gentle Reader, I’m sure you may have guessed life is pretty crazy these days. So many launches (E&E Trade, C&C new, Book of the Dead, Fairy Debt, Crudrat kickstarter) and winding up the madness, coming in at the finish: Soulless the Manga Vol. 3   This is the graphic novel adaptation of Blameless, Book […]

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Events This Weekend

Hello my lovely Gentle Reader, tomorrow I will be doing two local Bay Area events. I will have a few fun bits of swag to give away and, as ever, I will be ready and willing to answer all your burning questions (with greater completeness and honesty in person then on the interwebs). So please […]

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Manga Soulless Vol. 2 Official Release! The Parasol Protectorate

Soulless Vol. 2 (the manga version of Changeless) releases officially today! (I know some of you have gotten it already.) I am deliciously pleased with the book. I particularly love Rem’s rendition of Madame Lefoux, not to mention all the kilts! Quote of the Day: “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look […]

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Details on the Manga Release

Soulless Vol. 1 the manga is officially up for pre order. I’m very excited about this version of the book, the art is wonderful, you should see some of the dresses!   There’s links to all the original character sketches on my website. 10 manga FAQs 1. The digital version has been serialized through Yen […]

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More on the Soulless Manga! Parasol Protectorate

The Soulless manga continues to be marvelous fun. I shall taunt you ruthlessly (and in a bad French accent) by saying that I have seen the first three chapters. They are sooooo good! (Can you see me twilling an imaginary moustache at you? Twirl, twirl.) You can see a sample of the first 11 pages […]

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