Comic Con Report from the Author-Side ~ Thursday

Up, bit of a swim, bit of a hot tub, half a marvelous egg white omelet, two cups of tea, and attired in my specially acquired cream & blue day dress I hit the ground running. Ok, this is me ~ so I was more tottering along slowly absorbed by the madness of the crowds. (The AB, city creature, is always complaining about how slow I walk.)

Comic Con crowds

I arrived in the front of the convention center where I made my way to GRT where I was met by a nice little man, my handler. I know, doesn’t that make me sound awfully important? Or do I mean impotent? Anyway, he escorted me up to the room for my panel early where I sat and sipped tea, met the lovely Derek (5AB Room King), his room minions, and Dina “Lady Steam” Kampmeyer my adorable moderator.

Dina & Gail

Witty Women In Steampunk Panel

The Witty Women In Steampunk Panel was Thursday at 10 am. I do apologize, Gentle Attendees, for I am not at my best first thing in the morning.

Gail was definitely unarmed at 10 am on Thursday.

It was a lovely panel. Nice to be sitting with friends, old and new including Robin Blackburn (The League of S.T.E.A.M.), Anina Bennett (Boilerplate), Kaja Foglio (Girl Genius), and Robin Thorsen (the Guild). We discussed literature, fashion, romance, adventure & more.

Witty Women Panel

I might have gone on a little rant about corsets and proper fit. Sigh. Sorry about that. If you want to know more about corsets how they should fit, what to look for, and so forth I have a whole blog post about them over on Retro Rack. Speaking of which, Dark Garden in some simulations zeitgeist thing gave my books a shout out right around the same time I talked about them on that panel. Weird.


2012-07-14 at 15.20.50

After the panel, I dashed down to the Exhibition Hall to explore and find the Hachette booth. I had swag to sign! They were already swarmed, but I carved out some space to quickly dash through the 100 E&E copies there for the Secret Swag Give Away. Little Brown also had a lovely temporary tattoo in honor of the new YA series.

Finishing School Temporary Tattoo

I hung out with the Alexia standee for a while, met a few lovely fans and two of my author chums, Mike Lee and Myke Cole.


I made the acquaintance of Barbara Vey who wrote a bit about the encounter for Publisher’s Weekly on line.

After that, it was lunch with JoYoun my manga editor, we also kidnapped Kurt (Yen publisher) because he hadn’t eaten properly all day and I worry about correct food consumption. I remember my Comic Con survival tips! One must eat properly. We had a pleasant meal at the hotel well away from the crowds most dominated by JoYoun and I discussing our mutual love of food. While we were off enjoying ourselves the Hachette both gave away buttons for my manga, pamphlets for the Timeless iPhone app, and the Best Swag Evah (an ARC of E&E). All of the ARCs was gone by 2pm! I was floored to hear this, my readers really mobilized to get there quickly. I thought they might just run out by the end of the convention, but under 2 hours? Remarkable.

Button Timeless App

That afternoon the AB and I wandered around the shop floor. We met up with authors Mark O’Bannon and Jimmy Diggs (of Star Trek fame). They are what I would refer to as the Old Guard. Cool guys, we infiltrated the green room, and chatted about their prospective steampunkish web series.

2012-07-12 at 10.17.52

For dinner the AB and I crept off for a proper little date. We had a lovely meal and a spectacular glass of wine.

Then, the word was Random House party was the place to be. We tapped Kristin for the when and were (reason number 133 to have a great agent) and I quickly modified my blue & cream for evening, with a change of jewelry and jacket. Kristin all in a flury to try to get into the Firefly Panel tomorrow. Not normally a fan girl, my agent, so this was rather adorable to see. We’d have to move my lunchtime meeting but I was willing to try. Anything for Firefly!


It was a wander through the Gaslight District, lines and crowds already gathering. It was rather exciting, particularly when I encountered the Course for the Force barge.

Barge Course Force
2012-07-12 at 11.02.57

At the party we met all the usual suspects from Random House editors to Mysterious Galaxy minions, as well as a charming couple all the way from Sweden who knew of me and my Swedish publisher Styx. Scott Sigler was there, as was John Picacio, and, rather neatly, my lunch date for the next day, who was happy to move our meeting earlier so Kristin and I could try for the Firefly Panel at noon. A lovely evening indeed.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Your Infusion of Cute . . .
John Picacio

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .
My agent talks about the promotional value of Comic Con.

Book News:
E7E Spread

Quote of the Day:
In describing the Ambassadress Mrs Fanshawe (inspiration for Alexia in the Parasol Protectorate Abroad books).

“She had a chest like and opera singer, a single wedge of heavily trussed and boned undergarmentry from which the rest of her body tapered gradually.”

~ From William Boyd’s A Good Man in Africa

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