Gail Talks Upcoming Writing Projects (video)

Dear Gentle Reader,

Here’s a new Live Q&A for you.

This one is all about writing and upcoming projects.

Questions that I answer

General stuff about life and being an author:

It’s been a year … what good and what bad has Covid brought to you as an author? To your process? 

  • I talk about struggling to write during 2020 and where I am now and how I got out of the slump.

How do you balance what you/your brain want to write, what your fans want you to write and what your agent/publisher etc wants you to write? 

  • I talk about all of this plus what kinds of books you get because of my coping process and mechanisms.

Is the publishing world starting to recover from Covid+tariffs+supply shortages? 

  • This references a previous Live where I talked in depth about issues facing the print book industry in the USA in particular at the beginning of C-19. I answer and then talk insider doggerel about what’s going on in NY right now with regards to submissions. New drama.

Any extra ways we can support authors during this time?

Specific projects, series, and characters

  • Are you continuing the San Andreas Shifters series? How far down the queue is Dratsie Dilemma?
  • Will we see more of Tristol and Detective Hastion? Will there be any more purple aliens in our future?
  • How do you pick your characters? I would love an Alkeldama story!
  • Just vote for some Kevin romantic sorting out as a side story in one of the next installments?
  • Sooner or later, the Parasolverse will move along in time up to WWI and the Super Saturation. On that day, we may have cause to mourn. Or are you planning to actually write through that period?

Other things!

  • What do you think of hostess gowns and kaftan?
  • What lipstick are you wearing? Here’s the link.
  • Some teacup chat.

Are you still watching any Asian dramas? Any recs?

  • Chinese gay fantasy historical Word of Honor on YouTube  (recommended with reservations, it’s heavily censored and the ending is not HEA) – there is an ending stinger for it which makes it happy that you can watch here.
  • Korean het YA romance True Beauty. Serious second lead syndrome on that one (on Viki).
  • I highly recommend Thai drama 1000 Stars which is a gay contemporary romance on YouTube. Happy ending, yeah!!!

Yours under a pile of prospective writing projects,

Miss Gail

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Direct from me?

My first non-fiction book! How to use ancient story structure to understand and crack bestselling genre fiction. It is available in print, digital, or audio.

Upcoming Scribbles?

  • Gail is currently writing the next Delightfully Deadly book which will release later this year.
  • She also has a fun technofantasy in production, about a world where magic only works when you’re dating someone, and the boy who falls in love with the wrong person.
  • Need to know what else Gail is working on right now? That’s in the Chirrup.

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