How did you discover the Parasolverse? Gail Carriger Wants to Know

I’m interested in how you discovered the Parasolverse, Gentle Reader.

I asked the FB Fan Group and Facebook, because they suck, shut the thread down. (It was getting too much conversation and we can’t allow THAT!)

However, I did gather the most likely places to have first found a Parasolverse book, and so here’s a poll for you to take! You can choose whatever is closest to your discovery. Don’t get hung up on details.

How did you discover your first Parasolverse book?

This is really just to satisfy my curiosity so I appreciate you humoring me by voting in whichever feels closest, no need to get hung up on details. Thank you!

Yours in deep interest,

Miss Gail

Oh and really quickly, I’ve added a quick visit to Seattle next month!

Jan 18, 6 PMMiss Gail At University Bookstore

University Bookstore
The U District branch,
4326 University Way NE,
Seattle, WA 98105

It’s been a while and I’m not sure when I’ll be swinging through again, so come see me, ask me questions it’ll be fun. I will sign ALL THE THINGS and gossip away.

Not in Seattle? I’ve listed new events on the website, check them out. See if I’ll be near you!


Also this is your reminder that we are current rereading Curious Case, the chatter is rife!

Yours in curiosity,

Miss Gail

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15 Responses

  1. Lauren said:

    I found a well read ( aka kinda fluffy) copy of Souless under a bench at a park… About 2 months after it was realeased. I took it home rather then let it get rained on and posted it as lost on Craigslist, started reading it when no one contacted me about it.

  2. Frank said:

    I read your interview in Locus Mag and, trusting their lead, went out and bought my first copy of Soulless.

  3. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    I just saw the release date for the Secret Project – my birthday is in October, it’d be a wonderful birthday present!
    Oh, by the way, my mother LOVED “The Omega Objection”, and laughed her way through it.

  4. Becs said:

    I don’t remember how exactly I first heard about Soulless, but I was in high school, so it must have been shortly after it was first published. Vampires, Werewolves, and Victorian London with a female protagonist was all I knew, and that was all I needed to want to read it. I somehow got info mixed up and thought the original was the manga, so when I got the novel from the library, I was confused and didn’t read it. I learned my error and did finally read it about four or five years later in college.

  5. Beverly Meyers said:

    I was reading Ilona Andrews blog. She asked people to recommend 3 authors. Your name came up and your books sounded interesting. I have read all the Parasol books now and have really enjoyed them

  6. Maggie said:

    I was given a copy of Soulless. As an aside, since you enjoy corsets, check out starkers.com. She does beautiful work.

  7. Andrew Stackhouse said:

    I was working at a Borders (RIP) and laughed out loud while shelving your book because of the tagline and your author blurb. Once I read the back cover, I ended up mostly reading the book for the rest of my shift and bought it. It was destined to not sit on any shelf but mine.

  8. Terri Hasstedt said:

    my sister turned me in to these books, I really can’t get enough, of the books of the humor, or the feeling of joy and enjoyment that comes with the reading. Thanks and please continue to write, faster would be great as well.

  9. Emily Anderson said:

    I actually started my parasolverse journey with Prudence when audible was having a daily deal or some such thing. Couldn’t resist that cover art with that title. One of my better purchases FOR SURE. I had ravenously partaken of the whole published parasolverse before the month was out. Still parched for more!

  10. Kim said:

    Kindle suggested Prudence to me, so I read that first. It was so good that I jumped back and started Soulless, and now you’ve got a huge fan.

  11. Kristi said:

    I found Soulless and Changless at my local library. I was looking for something new to read. The cover art looked interesting so I picked them up. I finished them in one night and went back the next day to get the other three books. I’ve been a fan ever since.

  12. Lynn said:

    I saw that striking cover of Soulless on the front table at Barnes & Noble one night and had to pick it up. The back cover and author’s blurb made me laugh, so I took it up to the cafe, where I was meeting some friends. I laughed so hard while reading the first few pages, that I not only decided to buy the book, my friend decided she needed a copy, too!

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