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Prudence is the first book in my Parasol Protectorate spin off series, focused on the next generation with a group dynamic and a caper bent.

Prudence released in April of 2015

Here are some fun blog posts and resources that tie to this book, like researching India.

Prudence was probably the hardest book I ever had to write, it hit the NYT through dint of being on special offer (I think) in both ebook and hardcover when it launched. This was the first time Orbit released me in hardcover and this series got confused (by bookstores) with my YA series as a result.

Introducing the Custard Protocol series, in which Prudence travels to India for Queen, country…and the perfect pot of tea.

Prudence was a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, an Amazon Best Book Pick in Romance and Sci-Fi/Fantasy categories, and Library Reads pick.

Writing Prudence

When I started this new series I had to not only go back a see where I left things in the world, after Timeless (plus 20 years) I also hard to research what was going on around the world at the time. So there was a lot of background work to do before I even started the story.

Here’s what my desk looked like when I was doing that…

As I started actually writing Prudence, I realized it was not going to be possible for me to write this story while I was still writing the final Finishing School books.

This meant I had to ask my publisher for a delay. I talk all about this creative crisis in this blog post…

Analytical Versus Creative or Why Gail’s Life Went Bang

Going through this process actually made me trust you, my fans, a great deal more than I had previously.

I thought you would be mad at me, or harsh, about the fact that I had to take a delay on Prudence. But instead you were universally kind and understanding.

It’s for this reason I am a lot more honest with my reader base about my creative challenges than many authors I know.

Anglicization: In Which We Revisit the Ladybird Problem

Inspiration, Disinfectant Sunflowers & Praise for Gail Carriger’s Prudence

Things Pertaining to This Book

Custard is THinker Than Blood

7 Deleted Scenes for Gail Carriger’s Prudence

This is a Wardian Fern Case, the stile I uses as a basis for my Lefoux Preservation tanks, which feature heavily in the Custard Protocol series.

Fashion in the Custard Protocol Series:

Rue wears this outfit in Chapter 10: Egypt


Cutwork Leather Boots, ca. 1890 via Chicago History Museum, Parasol 1890s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art, dress 1890s  Nordiska Museet.

Aren’t you mad for the boots? I wrote the whole scene around them.

All About Parasols, What Do Prim/Rue/Alexia’s Actually look like?

All About Romance says of the Prudence audiobook:

“It took just minutes to realize that Moira Quirk is the perfect narrator for this book, bringing the right sense of humor and tone to every character. Yes, indeed, some are rather over the top – Lord Akeldama most notably – but that’s exactly how Ms. Carriger writes the characters.”

Prudence Stuff in a Cubby in my office

Prudence Stuff in a Cubby in my office

The Smut Report says of Prudence:

“The story takes delight in its own absurdity, which makes it utterly a true pleasure to read.”

Rue Quesnel Prim Percy by Ace Artemis

I hope you’ve enjoyed these bits and bobs about Prudence.

Yours in perpetual research,

Miss Gail

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