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Interview with Professor Randolph Lyall

Many thanks to our guest, today, Professor Randolph Lyall. Professor Lyall is visiting us direct, today, from Gail Carriger’s London, and the Parasol Protectorate series. I know your time is precious, Professor, I do hope you’ll forgive me bypassing the customary niceties. For anyone who may not yet be acquainted with your London, would you […]

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Crudrat: Read the First Chapter for Free

Darling Gentle Reader, What follows is a sample of the first chapter of my next release, Crudrat. Coming in digital and print on April 1, 2022. I do hope you enjoy it! Crudrat: The Tinkered Stars by Gail Carriger Chapter 1 The Wheel turns and true scions sit its blades lightly – and close to […]

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Ambush or Adore Fun Victorian Research & More

Ambush or Adore was a lot of work to write and research, Gentle Reader. But most of that research was back through my own books ~ all 4 of the Finishing School series, bits of the Parasol Protectorate, and the last book in the Custard Protocol in particular. Partly this is because this tells a […]

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Sample the First Chapter of Ambush or Adore by Gail Carriger

Gentle Reader, here’s a sample scene from the next Parasolverse book, Ambush or Adore. This is Delightfully Deadly #3, Agatha’s book. You don’t have to have read any of the others in the series to enjoy this one. PICK YOUR VENDOR! Direct from me? This book will appear in print as part of the Delightfully […]

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Heroine’s Journey Cover Art

A little while ago I released the Heroine’s Journey: For Writers, Readers, and Fans of Pop Culture. Shall we talk about the cover? This time… nonfiction? The thing about covers is they need to do a ton of work for a book. A fiction cover needs to signal genre, tone, voice, and author brand, as […]

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The Enforcer Enigma Special Extras

Dearest Gentle Reader, much to my surprise (and others), The Enforcer Enigma released August 1, 2020. (It was originally slated for the beginning of November, but I bumped it forward because of the Morbs.) Here are some special extras for this book! Colin and Judd get their own story at last! Thank you so much […]

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Faking Trademark in Fiction for Comedy Gold

So there is this thing about using trademarked names when you are writing fiction, Gentle Reader. Names like Facebook, or Coke, or (heaven forfend) Disney. (Frankly I’m slightly scared even to type that name into a blog post.) It’s a complicated legal thing which basically comes down to (so far as I can tell) most […]

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The San Andreas Shifters Pack House In Detail!

My darlings, here is a special behind the scenes look at the pack house in the San Andreas series that features prominently in all the books in the series, but which I really had to puzzle through and lay out for The Enforcer Enigma. San Andreas Pack Pack House Sketches By request over email (which […]

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