Crudrat: Read the First Chapter for Free

Darling Gentle Reader, What follows is a sample of the first chapter of my next release, Crudrat. Coming in digital and print on April 1, 2022. I do hope you enjoy it! Crudrat: The Tinkered Stars by Gail Carriger Chapter 1 The Wheel turns and true scions sit its blades lightly – and close to […]

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Crudrat Cover Art Reveal!

Dear Gentle Reader, Crudrat has a new cover & is up for preorder! This book has been a very long time coming to you in print, and I appreciate your patience. If you enjoy keeping track of such things, Crudrat was actually written right after Soulless in 2009 and it was Kickstarted as a full […]

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Crudrat Audiobook Available Now! (Tinkered Stars)

Gentle Reader, I am delighted to report that the Crudrat audiobook is done! Coincidentally June is audiobook month. For those of you unaware of the Crudrat kickstarter: it was for a full cast audio production of my YA Science Fiction novel, Crudrat. You can buy it directly for $14.99, on the Crudrat website. So the […]

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Crudrat Drops, Prudence Tease, Plus 4 Book Reviews!

Hello Gentle Reader, I’m back on the grid after several days of restorative rest and relaxation. While Gail Was Away Crudrat audiobook released to backers! Hooray! I will let you know when it’s available for purchase to the general public. (Official kickstarter announcement.) What Gail Got Up To I managed to stay on top of […]

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The Crudrat Wrap Party (Tinkered Stars event)

The Crudrat Wrap party was a great success! We had so much food the table was quite groaning. And this was just the start! The weather cooperated resulting in a lovely turn out, there was standing room only (literally, there were no chairs). I talked all about how the book got started and my inspiration, […]

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